Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two movies a night is just real fun!

After avoiding the crowd at the cinema for a few weeks, I finally went for movies again last night, two in a row! BUT I didn't watch Transformer 2 lar! I'm not a fan of such movie, plus, I finally found someone, someone who is a real famous film critic, Robert Ebert saying the movie sucks! I was honestly very excited to hear the first person to say the movie isn't good! So I don't need to force myself to watch it anymore! Yay~! :p
Anywayz, I had a great movies night! :)
Ice Age 3: The Dawn of the Dinosaurs
This time around, the characters went to the land of the dinosaurs. When I first saw the scene where they reached the land of dinosaurs, I was like wow~How I missed the dinosaurs! You know during our times there were so many cartoon or books about dinosaurs but now not anymore!
Apart from that, the movie is quite funny, thought not the funniest animation of all. But the whole animation thingy amazed me a lot, especially with the way they've created the elephant's fur like so detailed!
I really like the new character, Buck! And well, Buck has the voice of Simon Pegg! So cute! :) And OMG Crash and Eddie are so funny~! Remember to pay attention to the scene where they were caught in some poison cave(not sure what it is called) and started to laugh so hard. Definitely the funniest part of the entire movie! Not to forget the two squirrel-looking animals who fell in love in the movie, that was really cute too~!
Well, I think you have a go with this if you just want to relax or watch a light comedy!

Public Enemies
You know something is really wrong when you sooooooo hope that the bad guy wouldn't die in the end of the story, and that you feel like you're heartbroken when he was finally shot dead? That was exactly what happened to me when I watched Johnny Depp playing American gangster John Dilinger in the movie! Although it's a bit weird watching his face so clean, not as a bloody killer or a pirate, he is still OMG SO HOT I feel like I will faint anytime! And like he is the perfect person to play the role! He is cool, and has the very bad boy, yet dangerously seductive look! I personally love the scene when John told his girl to follow him away, telling him what he likes~! Damn cool man, if I'm a girl I would definitely follow him lar! And the scene where John like so casually walked into the police station, into the department they set up just to capture him! OMG, THAT WAS AWESOMELY COOL!!!
Oh, sorry I went a bit too far. Haha....:p BUT JOHNNY DEPP IS REALLY COOL LAR!!!*Scream~*
Okay, the movie is based on a true story, a legendary bank robber in the States who changes the history of their law or something. So it's an old school movie lar, like all the guns also damn long one, they sing lots of country songs, etc. I don't know, but Ducum's friend doesn't like it, but I definitely think it's a cool movie! Like the way the robbers uses their plain strategy to fight with the technology the cops have was like really kan-cheong to watch! And you know what? Christian Bale's fans should not watch this movie, because Johnny Depp makes him looks really stupid! Kakakaka...
Honestly, no regrets at all for this one, MUST WATCH!

By the way, ticket collectors at TGV Sunway Pyramid need to go for tickets-tearing training session ler, look at my ticket...:( Muahhhhhhh... I want my perfect ticket!!!

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