Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad 1958~2009

You know how hard is it for me to type the title above? OMG I hope this is not true...;(
I was busy doing my translation work last night and didn't get any update on Yasmin's condition and the first thing I saw this morning was she has passed away...
As a film lover, I have never really loved any of the local directors, no, nobody at all. Until Yasmin Ahmad came! I just love her, love her always very touching and meaningful TV commercial, love her always very beautiful and unbelievably 'real' films. I just did not expect her to leave us so soon. I'll miss her and her work! What a shame that I've never seen her in real person and tell her how much I admire her! She is truly my idol!
R.I.P Yasmin Ahmad! I love you!


bboy ady said...

actually on thursday
i want tell u about this news

but i dun have ur msn
and dun have saw u on faceboook

so can't contact u

i also shock when heard this news

ShiRLeXia said...

I already know about her being hospitalized lar, I was already worry...
Aih, still she left...

bboy ady said...

really a shock news

is a very bad news for malaysia film industry

RayNic said...

So sad to heard this news. I know she was very bad sick from a forum last week, then yesterday i watch the news of her death, was very shocked. Malaysian has lost a very talented director... Another shocked news that i read from Kuang Hua website, She actually is a "He" in the olden days, is that true? I'm not very sure about this.

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea... I almost cried last night watching the news paying tribute to her...I mean, without her winning so much awards and praises internationally, Malaysia's film industry is nothing.
It's just so sad that she is gone, now we cannot get nice commercials and films anymore! :(

And Raynic, it's true she was a 'he'.