Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Laughing Gor之变节is coming soon!!!

Phew~After the few sleepless nights, I'm finally done with all those work! Now, before I have anything to talk about, here's a preview of Laughing Gor之变节......
I think the preview itself is bloody cool! And look at the cast! I really really can't wait any longer to watch it! Urm, they said it will be on in HK on Aug 13, so I might watch it in HK before anyone of you in Malaysia gets to watch it oh!!! Kakakaka... Don't be jealous oh~! :p

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Flores Hayes said...

ooo...I love pandas.
Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down!
I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic!
Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)