Monday, June 14, 2010

한국어 수업이 제미있어요!

That's exactly the same blog post title I posted in January, only difference is, this time around I know how to type it out in Korean! :D
That post was when we finished our Beginner 2 classes. Now that we've finished our Elementary 2 classes and exam, and that our dear teacher is leaving to go back to Pusan, and that we are not continuing the class so soon... I'm just gonna say... I WILL MISS EVERYONE OF YOU!!!All the happy faces! Yes, we had an all-girls class!
Very funny scene... That was our reaction when we were asked to hug our teacher! LOL!
After our exam the other day(and yes, another Grade A, although the score isn't as high as the previous one!), we headed off for a little farewell gathering. Philip ssi, probably the most interesting person in the class, but had left us after Beginner 1, joined us again! Hahaha... We just cannot do a gathering without him man... :p Everybody except for me...
Gloria ssi... Looking slimmer and slimmer for her wedding.
Philip ssi also looking slimmer for... Definitely not for a wedding! :p
I love it that Korean ladies just don't hide the fact that they love to drink! Look at my teacher! She enjoys her beer so much!
After four levels of Korean language studies, I still think wording wise, Korean is much easier than Japanese. But speaking and listening wise, I found it easier with Japanese. But overall, it was very interesting studying Korean. It feels so nice to actually understand some words when watching the Korean drama now(although I don't watch a lot, I'm the only one in the class who isn't really a fan of Korean dramas).
한국어 를 종아해요!
And I love our teacher, she is not very Korean in a way and you know, language classes like this is always full of laughter! And the few classmates I had... They are awesome!
Surely, I will miss everyone of you! ;(

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