Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My greasy Saturday

Just realized I've just broke my personal record of the most blog posts in a month last month! 22 posts! Should I say bravo??? :p
I might have updated my blog too frequent, but that doesn't mean I'm freaking free. In fact I'm actually pretty busy that is why I have so much to blog about! And mind you, there are already a list of stuff lining up for me~!

This Friday: Probably a catch-up lunch with my batch of Malay ex-colleagues in RTM. (Can't wait to see them again~!)
Saturday, Sunday: Following deardo and his car club friends up North to Penang, and then spend a night in Taiping. Will be back in KL on Sunday.
Next Tuesday or Wednesday: Catching-up with Ah Soo, who had just came back from NZ not long ago, together with Karen. (Let's see how many kgs Ah Soo had put on in NZ... *rub hands~*)
Next Friday: Korean Elementary 2 final exam is on. So have to prepare for it beforehand too!

Phew~ I'm a busy woman!
Well I prefer to be busy than bored till death staying at home actually.
Anywayz, back to the title of the post, let's go back to last Saturday...

Breakfast @ La Bodega, Bangsar
I think it was months ago, deardo went breakfast at La Bodega with his family and I told him he must bring me there one day! You know me, for a breakfast person to miss breakfast at some fancy places like this is just unforgivable! So... I forgave my deardo as he kept his promise and brought be there for breakfast last Saturday~! Oooohhhh yeahhhh~~~!!!Nicey nicey sitting outside the cafe... It would be better if we are not in KL, so freaking HOT!
We both chose the Big Breakfast, only difference was, he had his egg like an omelet while I had mine scramble. My Big Breakfast with scramble egg... See, got mushrooms! My favourite!!!
His with the omelet...
The breakfast itself is RM22, but as you top up another RM10, you'll get a glass of fruit juice and a cup of hot drink. I was very amazed when the waiter told us you can choose from a choices of fruit juices, and they are all freshly squeeze! And even for coffee you can choose from a variety of them like Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, etc. And tea too! English tea, Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, etc. Look, normally a set meal always just come with black coffee or black tea, isn't that boring?So I had English Tea to wash away the oil while he had the Cappuccino.
So yea, I'm basically quite happy with the breakfast. Everything on the plate are yummy, except for one thing, I hope the bread can be softer one. But it cost us around RM73 for that freaking breakfast we thought it would be better if we have the breakfast buffet at Pyramid Tower, which is only RM30 per person.
Oh well, it's ok to try out new things! Yummy food, especially! :DShirlexia looking ever excited about the breakfast! Haha...

And then... We paid a short visit to Super Ah Ma at 1U. She looks healthier now. I supposed she already gained back some weight too, which is a good thing!
Ah Ma, gambate neh~! :)Super Ah Ma was actually enjoying her curry noodles that day!
That's Uncle Mike, 4e, Siti (Ah Ma's maid), Ah Ma and me!

The breaky made us really full that we had to skip lunch. After some homemade Chicken and French Bean Rice for dinner at home, we went out for another round of greasy food... :S

Supper(?) a.k.a Belated Birthday Party @ A&W, Asia Jaya
Deardo's car club (which is basically made up of he and his few friends who are car lovers) members were celebrating deardo and PC's birthdays with a baked cheese cake Kevin made. I have no idea why they had to choose A&W because every time I go there I feel like I put on at least 1 kg because of my favourite root beer float and onion rings! Ish ish ish...
Anywayz, pictures please~!!! Root beer float is always a must for me whenever I'm at A&W!
PC & Mary enjoying their food as it was still May. They had a month of food festival to celebrate PC's birthday... It sounds so :S to me...
Couldn't help, I still want some onion ring although it was already 10 something at night! Ohyea, and that's deardo! (Almost forgot to talk about him, only remember my onion ring!)
The other people that night... Ivan, David and Ket Weng.
Kevin, deardo's bro-in-law, the cake maker, the photographer.
What do you see on the cake? I first thought it was 'Hi!' or something... Well it was a Honda logo lar... Bloody cars lovers...
Yeap, this is exactly the same cake as the one above, just that this one... The Honda logo is gone~!
Their birthdays are just one day difference... But you can see a big difference when they take pics!
I always say my deardo looks really cute when he smile like this! (Skipping PC's part... :p)
And they have known each other since they were 13 years old! Wah... Time flies man, they are now 2x years old already! Hahahaha...

Ok, since this is not a food review, I'm done for this post.
Till then, see ya~!


viviantan-yan said...

I miss ah ma so much after i see these pictures of ah ma... never see her for about one month and i'm miss her so much...=(

ShiRLeXia said...

When is your long holiday?
Just come by bus!

viviantan-yan said...

my long holiday? after my 1st semester la...september...=(

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah... Then very hard liao lor, unless if Ah Ma goes back to Taiping.