Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dim Sum @ Restoran Ful Lai, Kuchai Lama

I think it's now becoming a trend in Malaysia that Dim Sum isn't necessarily can only be consumed in the morning. Friends around me can simply tell me a full list of restaurants either in KL or in Penang that sells dim sum at night too!Ful Lai Restaurant is located at Kuchai Lama's famous makan area, it is a corner shop right opposite Papa Rich. It is open all day long, but I'm not too sure what day are they close. You will have to figure that out yourself. I've been there a few times and am now officially introducing you guys to this kopitiam-styled Dim Sum place.
Since there were only two of us that night, we didn't order too much of food, yet it was a satisfying dinner.First round...
Recommended #1: Lo Mai Gai.
Recommended #2: Century egg and chicken porridge.
Recommended #3: Har Gao
Most of their Dim Sum are nice Their Har Gao and Siu Mai are both really yummy. I especially love them because their prawns are fresh enough. And the Har Gao's skin is just thin and just nice! I love their Lo Mai Gai a lot too although I wish they have Lap Cheong (Chinese sausages) in it. And their porridge is not too bad too. I reckon they actually add rice wine into it. Thumb-up from Shirlexia!!!
Never to be missed: Deep Fried Prawn Rolls. At the back is Wu Kok. Nice one too!
But my favourite of all is this Deep Fried Prawn Roll or something I'm not sure about the name. It's crispy, the prawns inside are fresh. Trust me, everyone of you should try that out!
One thing I wouldn't recommend is their Cheong Fun, the Fun is just too thick it is just not nice at all.
Their steamed Dim Sum are RM3.20 per dish while the deep fried ones ranges from RM2.60~RM7.00. I wouldn't say very cheap for Kopitiam-styled Dim Sum but based on the quality of the food, I bet you wouldn't mind, right?


rainbow mushroom said...

another branch in Kepong Menjalara.

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh really? Kepong is like somewhere I never stepped in before...