Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heart-warming breaky @ Panadero Bakery, Centre Point

Thanks to Yve Vonn's recommendation, deardo and I went all the way to Damansara Centre Point just for a satisfying breakfast last Saturday. You know me, I'm always a breakfast person! :p

This cafe is called Panadero Bakery (Alright, it's a bakery then, not exactly a cafe). It's a very simple-looking place, with a very cozy environment, serving home-cooked-alike breakfast, at very reasonable price too! Yeap, we had our breakfast here, and because this is actually indoor with some sunshine from the roof top, it was not too hot but warm. Nice!
The four sets of breakfast for you to choose from.
We only tried their Western-styled breakfast sets while they actually also serve local breakfast like Nasi Lemak. The Western-styled breakfast is only served on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so I must say we were very lucky we picked the right day! :DJust some camwhoring session before the breakfast... Look, it was just coincident we wore the same colour that day!
For the two of us, we had 3 of the sets: Set B, Set C and Set D. All comes with hot tea while we added RM1 for a cup of coffee to come with one of the sets. As you can see in the menu, the prices ranges from RM6~RM6.50 only! This is the Set C: Wholemeal bread, bacon and scramble egg.
Set D: Pancake, chicken sausage, baked beans.
My favourite Set B: Spanish Omelette, chicken sausage and croissant.
My favourite of all would be Set B. It has this Spanish Omelette which is egg with chopped capsicum and onion. The egg tastes better compared to the scramble egg we had in Set C. I wouldn't say the croissant is the best I've ever tasted, but not too bad too. As for Set C, like I said, I think they didn't put any salt in the scramble egg, so it wasn't very nice. And it's a bit odd that their toast doesn't come with butter... As for the Set D, which has pancake and sausage with baked beans... Ha, I know it's a weird combination, but I love it! The pancake is not too oily and too sweet, just nice for my taste bud!I'm always happy whenever I get to eat big breakfast like this! :D
Great breakfast that cost us less than 20 bucks! And we were so fulled we actually skipped lunch! Yum~! I'm pretty sure I will come back again!


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