Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shirlexia's Special Healthy Tuna Macaroni

This is something I've actually made before. This time around there were just some changes in the ingredients, and also it was for different person. Who else if not Deardo Wong? Hehehe...
I can tell you, this is something very easy to make, yet it's superbly healthy with everything you need for a balance diet in the dish.

What you need:Onion, capsicum, tomato chopped into small cubes, ham cut into small pieces, button mushroom sliced, chili flakes, tuna in olive oil and of course, Macaroni.

What to do?
1. Boil the Macaroni in salt water for about 7 minutes or until they are soft.
2. Right before they are done, add in the ham and mushrooms and boil for about 1 minute (You can choose to not cook the ham too, I think they actually taste better without the cooking).
3. Drain the Macaroni, ham and mushrooms.4. Then in a big bowl add in all the ingredients, with some pepper to taste. 5. Stir them up well and you are done~! Simple, isn't it?

The dish looks very colourful, isn't it? I've sprinkled some roasted sesame on top just to garnish it a bit.
Best of all, it has all you need in a single dish. Vegetables, Carbo, fish and meat! That's why I call it a balance and healthy dish!
And you know what's best best of all? This Macaroni dish can be eaten both hot and cold! So if you have some leftover and like me, you don't have a microwave at home, you can just store it in the fridge and then eat it straight from the fridge the next day, just like a cold salad!
We had our Macaroni with some watercress soup. Another weird combination, but it's perfectly fine with us! :p

** If you dislike capsicum, you can replace them with some green beans or any green vege! But mind you, capsicum is said to be good in helping you in cutting down weight! That's why I've learned to love them! :)


Hayley said...

Wow sounds easy! I've always wanted to try macaroni/pasta but kept procrastinating :P hmm, I must gambateh already!

ShiRLeXia said...

I always love Macaroni! It's easy to eat! Only a spoon and that's it!
Can make soup one too like the Hong Kies love to eat them!