Friday, September 10, 2010

The good & the bad

Hey guys, here are two restaurants I went over the week which I would categorized them as 'healthy food' but in two extremely different ways. My personal review for them is totally different too.

Lunch @ Annalakshmi, Temple of Fine Arts, BricksfieldsWhen my colleagues told me they were going to Annalakshmi for lunch, I excitedly offered myself to join. Well, FYI, I used to go to the same restaurant in Perth for N times and I absolutely love the food there!The restaurant is very well decorated.
A little introduction for you just in case you don't know. Annalakshmi is actually a vegetarian buffet Indian restaurant(I found the sequence of the few words a bit confusing, but you know what I mean) under the Temple of Fina Arts. The restaurant is charity based, that means whatever you pay will go to charity, and the amount is totally up to you! Even RM1 is alright! But I hope you won't be so stingy lar! :)My two rounds of lunch, which really made me really really fulled!
You wouldn't want to miss the delicious Mango Lasi!
The gang from left: David, Jessica and Thava.
And here are Shirlexia and Antoinette. Now do you still think my name is hard to remember???
The variety aren't a lot but then the quality is definitely assured. It's like Indian fine-dining with a very cheap price! The healthy rice I had which I've forgotten the name is pretty nice and the Dhaal was awesome it was so thick you'll think the one at the Mamak stalls suck big time! And I love the Mango Lasi too! Yummmzzzz... Seriously feel like going back just for another round!
I must say I enjoyed my lunch there very much. But vegetarian, especially Indian vegetarian food aren't everyone's cup of tea lar. But what I can say is, give it a try! Best thing is, it's for charity! :)

Supper @ Porridge Restaurant, Pudu
I've been hoping Deardo Wong would bring me to this restaurant for a while after reading KY's review on it. As you all know, I'm always a HUGE FAN of porridge, while Deardo is totally the opposite.
So as we went all the way to KL to look for supper and after the original plan didn't work, we finally arrived at this restaurant that only sells Teochew porridge. There was a crowd, which was an early indication that this is going to be good. A look at their variety already made me really hungry too!Seriously, the food there do look nice!
Since Deardo isn't so much a fan of the food, we only ordered four dishes to share--Dark Soya Sauce Pork, Steamed Pork, ladies fingers and some Fu Chok. Honestly speaking, I didn't like the Fu Chok at all because they were sweet rather than salty. My favourite one is the Steamed Pork but yet, like Deardo said, our mums can probably do better than that! Our very healthy but no-so-satisfying supper.
So I thought ok lar, the food was so-so only but it did cure my crave for porridge and it's always healthier to have porridge as supper mah... But that was before the biggest disappointment came... THE BILL CAME UP TO RM19! Yes, Bloody RM19!!! Just for four small portion of dishes and two bowls of porridge!
In the end of the day, both of us weren't happy and I feel especially bad for bringing Deardo to eat something he doesn't like at such an expensive price, BLOODY HELL!!! :(

P/S: A very big SELAMAT HARI RAYA to ya all~! :D

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