Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Really awesome steaks @ Jakes, Medan Damansara

Oh Hello guys!
It's been quite a busy two weeks since I started working. I had to work even on Saturdays and public holiday! Plus, Deardo's mum was in town again so didn't really have chance to eat out or watch movies also. Thus, not only I have no time to blog, but also basically nothing interesting (except for work) to shout about in my blog.

BUT last weekend we had a great dinner out to celebrate Deardo's dad belated birthday at Jake's Charbroils Steak at Jalan Setiapuspa, Medan Damansara. Just FYI, his dad is a Western food lover, so everything with steak will do for him!Pampared??? How???
The restaurant looks pretty old already with some cow-boys or cow-girls alike staff serving you. Even the menu looks so simple! Very American-looking deco as a whole.
Their main dishes are of course the steaks made of beef from US, Australia and even Russia! But if you don't fancy beef, you can choose from a variety of chicken, lamb or seafood too! Best thing is, it's not actually a Halal restaurant (urm, I mean liquor wise, kekeke)! I mean, no offend lar my dear Muslim readers, but steaks are always better when you can go with some wine or beer! Agree, anyone? Deardo and his parent having their sip of Hoegaarden! Cheers~!

Ok enough of introduction, here come our dishes! Beef Nachos as a starters and I actually felt like ordering another one!
I personally love the Beef Nachos A LOT!!! The Nachos are sure good quality ones and man the cheese! I don't know what kinda cheese they used but I love the taste of the cheese!!! Yummy~!!! Deardo's BIL and dad had the medium well Australian Aged Tenderloin.'Aged'? :S
Deardo's sis had the Australian Rib-eye.
Deardo's mum loves her Russian Beef Straganoff!
Deardo's very thick Australian Grain-Fed Sirloin.
Last but not least, my very yummy Australian Lamb Ribs!
I enjoyed my lamb dish very much I must say. Although originally the gravy was supposed to be lemon, I swap it with mint cos I still think lamb goes better with mint! The lamb rib is a bit oily as in big part of the rib are fatty oil, but then the taste itself is fantastic! Well grilled and all! Yumzzz! And I love the sides of steamed vege and sliced potatoes too! Deardo and I prefer the Sirloin and Rib Eye better than the Tenderloin because the Tenderloin is really a bit too dry for our liking. Everyone happily noming...
The only thing I didn't try was Deardo's mum Russian Beef Straganoff because it was too good she finished it very fast! I think from the look it would be something I like too because it has whole loads of gravy!

For six persons, with three bottles of beer and some other drinks, the dinner came up to RM480 plus, which is slightly pricey if you want to compared to restaurants like Chili's but I can assure you Jake's food is way better than the commercialized ones. I had a really satisfying dinner at Jake's! Deardo Wong and Shirlexia Tan with their plates of food!
It's perfectly fine to pamper yourself with good food like this once in a while! :)

Oh by the way, September is also birthday of someone special! Remember who??? :p


Hayley said...

Can see it was a happy family outing!
I myself dont eat steak, so just browsing at your photos satisfied my hunger... LOL!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hehehe... Ah well, I don't always eat them too, beef isn't very healthy.