Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thanks for watching!

Don't have much time to blog recently. So this is just a short one that I hope you'll like! :)

This is a video clip from Step Up 3D with the cool popping guy that I love the most in the entire movie in one of the performances...

Damn you must really agree he is SOOOOO BLOOOODY COOOL~~~!!!

Now, after watching the movie (yes I actually watched the 3D one with Deardo the next day and I thought it's actually better watching it without 3D) with Deardo Wong, he just couldn't stop imitating the dance move!

*clap clap clap~~~*
Ah well, just for fun lar yea...

Oh by the way and oh gosh... Deardo looks so cute when he said "Thank you" in the end! *blush~*


Anonymous said...

Both of u are childish & stupid!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks for your 'compliment'.
If you have problem with me, why bother to spend your time visiting my blog and spamming my blog with these 'compliment'? Who is childish here?
Think about yourself ba, think of are you even qualified to say us being childish and stupid? Look at your stupid and childish look and actions, making yourself looking like a fool in my blog! Ha~! Making yourself looking like a CHICKEN only dare to spam my blog with comments like this! Ha~!
Oh by the way, I do agree we are both childish and stupid, that is why and how we express our love to each other.