Sunday, October 10, 2010

Awesome Curry Mee @ Kedai Makanan Ah Loy, OUG

As a loyal reader of KYspeaks, I got excited when I read about this restaurant not too long ago. Knowing that Deardo Wong is a big Curry Mee fan and the fact that there are a wide choices of ingredients to go with the Curry Mee, I finally suggested to visit the restaurant on Thursday night, with his group of CG group members.It was a bad choice to go on a Thursday night since there is Pasar Malam there every Thursdays. We actually had to park the car quite far away and walked to the restaurant.
A look at the menu, I was so tempted to order everything on the menu! I want the Seafood Curry Mee, the Curry Pork Ribs Mee, Assam Laksa, Drunken Chicken Noodles...
In the end, we all settled with...33 had the Curry Chicken Rice.
33's bf had the Curry Pork Ribs Rice, which was pretty good!
We also ordered a big boiled lettuce that comes with loads of sinful pork lard! RM12.
Ricko's Curry Pork Ribs Mee! I'm soooooo going to try this the next time!
Deardo's Curry Chicken Mee.
My not-very-interesting Assam Laksa. :(
At first, Deardo had a Curry Chicken Mee while I had the Assam Laksa (actually wanted a Seafood Curry Noodles but there was a misunderstanding lar). Generally the curry noodles are quite good because of the thick soup. Unlike others that are too watery with a lot of coconut milk, the curry soup here is thick and has less coconut milk, which is totally my cup of tea! :) But according to others, the pork ribs tastes better than the chicken! 33 said the pork ribs is nicely done and is very tender! Okay, keep that in mind for now, next time I'm surely going to try that! As for the Assam Laksa, I don't find it good due to the lack of fish in it.Our favourite of the night must be this Drunken Chicken Noodles! Yummmmzzzz to the maxxxxxxx!!!
We tried KH & Yapp's Drunken Chicken Noodles and found the soup really yummy! FYI, we both are huge fans of food with wine! So after our own bowl of noodles, we decided to share another bowl of Drunken Chicken Noodles and it was oh-so-awesome!!! The wine and the ginger blended really well and the chicken thigh meat, Chinese cabbage and oyster mushrooms added so many points to it! The only down side would be the fact that it only comes with mihoon. I think it will be prefect with some Mien Sin! Us enjoying our awesome dinner!
We all had a really satisfying dinner I must say and I was so glad I didn't bring the gang to the wrong place! I love the variety of ingredients you get to choose to go with your Curry Noodles! Besides what we tried, there is even Curry Fish Head Mee! Prices for those 'special ones' like the Seafood and the Drunken Chicken Mee are RM8, while the normal ones are RM4.50 (small) and RM5 (big). Sounds very reasonable to me! It was certainly a lovely dinner with a satisfying price! :D

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