Saturday, October 30, 2010

XO Sauce Fish Head Noodles @ Home Made Fish Head Noodle, Dataran Sunway

Deardo's sis is always very particular about places to eat, she would make sure it's at least a clean restaurant. If not for her recommendation, I think Deardo and I will never thought of having our meal at this Home Made Fish Head Noodle restaurant, despite seeing it all the time at Mid Valley.We visited the Dataran Sunway's branch the other day for Sunday lunch.XO Sauce Fish Head Noodle.
If you don't like fish head, go for this one with the fish paste. I think the fish paste looks pretty yummy too.
Sui Gao to share.
Black Bean Fried Beef Hor Fun is one of the many other choices at the restaurant if you are not a fan of Fish Head Noodle.
I think I took a brave decision to have my favourite Fish Head Noodle in XO Sauce and milk. Luckily it was actually pretty nice! It's just a spicy version of the noodles, without the salted vege. The fish was not too bad too! I tried Deardo's sis's clear soup(not even milk) and didn't quite like it. I prefer to have it with a heavier flavour actually. Perhaps I'm too used to the one with milk. The Sui Gao we ordered to share were so-so and Deardo definitely made a wrong choice with the Black Bean Fried Beef Hor Fun! Well, he isn't so much a fan of things with lots of bones, so yea no choice! :pUs noming... Nom nom nom nom...
With a bowl of Fish Head Noodles at around RM10, yes, you get the clean and cozy environment. In fact, I enjoyed my bowl of XO Sauce Fish Head Noodles quite a lot, although we all actually thought it will be better if they also have the thick mihoon. But yet, if I can pay a few more bucks to have the one with cod fish in Puchong, then why this one?
Oh by the way, I TOTALLY DISAGREE with Deardo's sis on picking the right place to eat. To me, most of the time the best food comes from some dirty and uncomfortable stalls! Agree?

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