Saturday, October 2, 2010

Very Happy Belated Birthday to Myself!

I wouldn't say I had the best birthday ever in my life, but it was a historic and record-breaking (foo lamak, so dramatic)birthday for myself as I celebrated my birthday with a nice bf by my side for the very first time! *wink~* :)
In fact, it wasn't as romantic or special as expected too, but oh well, many more years to come Deardo will know what to do to not disappoint me again... :p

Birthday Dinner @ Carlos, Pavilion
Knowing me and Deardo, my birthday was basically another feast. It started a night before my birthday. After work we went all the way to Pavilion to have a Mexican dinner at Carlos. We were both pretty tired after a hectic day at work! STILL! It was my birthday! Gotta go celebrate STILL!!!
You may already know, I love everything Mexico. Back in Perth, Jodi would always make some Mexican food to feed me. And I still remember we actually googled for Mexican restaurant in Perth and then made our way there just to find their food sucks big time...
Carlos was recommended by KH, Deardo's friend and we've wanted to go and have a try since months ago. I don't especially fancy the whole deco and atmosphere of the restaurant. Not especially with a lot of Arabian customers enjoying their Sheesha. Deardo's Banana Milkshake and my Chocolate Milkshake.
But boy the food really amazed me!
We ordered the Mexican Potato Skins as a starter and that was my favourite order of the night! The Potato Skins were stuffed with minced beef or chicken of your choice, with melted cheese on top! Sounds very easy to make but man it tasted so good I was so tempted to order another one! The beef especially was very nicely cooked! Taste and portion just good enough to satisfy you!
As for mains, I ordered the Seafood Quesadillas and Deardo had the Sizzling Lime Grilled Chicken. Mine was not too bad, was especially amazed at the freshness of the seafood. Deardo's Chicken with some spices or herbs was not too bad too but the rice itself was a bit of a letdown as it was quite tasteless. Sizzling Lime Grilled Chicken.
Seafood Quesadillas.Yumzzzz... Look at the seafood!
Shit, my receipt went M.I.A, so I can't tell you how much are the food but it was roughly just RM101 for the food with two milk shakes and all the stupid taxes, which was super reasonable okay! I must say Carlos is worth another visit, at least. Love this picture of myself! Absolutely zero make-up but I look like I have Mascara on my lashes and eyeliner on my eyes!

Drinks @ Shook, Starhill Gallery
And then after some walk around KL, we went to Shook, the bar that is situated underneath Starhill which has a lot of fancy and expensive-looking restaurants. Initially we only wanted a place to sit down to kill time as it was too early before it was 12am. But Shook turned out to be a surprisingly nice place to hang out with a surprisingly cheap price!
I had a Virgin Mary while Deardo went for a Madagascar Vanilla Milkshake (I just realized he had two milkshakes in a night ==|||). The drinks came with some nice complementary tit bits too! All for RM37.95, much cheaper than our expectations, really! Us on the very cozy sofa!
With nice Jazz performance you can literally fall asleep there!
Not only that, there were Jazz performance on stage too! The singer really can sing man! How come people like her didn't go audition for those Malaysian Idol or One in a Million competitions? Anywayz, I even shook her hand before I went off telling her I love her voice a lot! :)

Birthday Breakfast @ La Bodega, Bangsar
Ok, so I was actually the one to blamed to ruin Deardo's plan on my birthday. But you gotta pardon me as I can't really reveal the details here. One thing I didn't ruin was the plan to have breakfast at La Bodega.Aiks... Who is this cool guy in the shades???
That is me looking very excited about the butter... ==|||
The last time we came I just fell in love with the breakfast. But because it's not cheap to have the breaky here, only on special occasions like this we would make our way there.Deardo's set lunch which I've totally forgotten what are their names. Damn I hate to blog about things that are so long ago!
Anywayz, I had the same breakfast set while Deardo had their set lunch which was not very special and I would like to say excuse me I don't want to mention too much about the food (actually, you have no choice cos I'm the one typing).
Good thing was, Cat Whiskers is just right opposite and I was a happy birthday girl with two nice black dresses as I walked out from the shop! :p

Birthday Dinner @ New York New York Deli, One Utama
I don't really know why Deardo missed this restaurant so much after the first and only time we went there. Ok lar, since we were already in One Utama, we decided to go back to the restaurant, finally!See how excited my man was looking at his plate of dinner???
I wasn't in a mood to jolt down names of the dishes (and I'm so damn sleepy right now...). So yea... Roughly lar I'll try to name the dishes with my wee bits of memories. The salad (very sleepy already, lazy to think of captions...).
Some spaghetti with the chicken.
Can be called the Shrimps & Chicken Platter, I think.
Shirlexia saying goodnight to ya all~!
I love the something New York New York Caesar Salad. The special dressing was quite nice although I can feel it's very fattening. :S And the chicken in it were yummey~! Our main courses don't need much review lar. They are all just so-so. The chicken especially wasn't very fresh, so yea... Time to ignore this restaurant or stop ordering chicken dishes at the restaurant...

Thanks to everyone of you who had gave me all the birthday wishes on Facebook! I'm amazed this year only my parent and sis sent me birthday wishes through SMS! Either people are growing stingy or Facebook is killing the use of mobile phones! :p
Will update more on my birthday gifts this year... Urm... When I have time.

For now, it's time to go on a date with Mr Chow. Good night! :)


Hayley said...

It doesnt matter where/how, what matters is the companion, agree?
You sure had a wonderful companion, hehe ;)

Happy belated birthday to you!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Hayley you're right!
But he wasn't very happy that my birthday didn't go as planned lar... Hehehhe...

LayJinG said...

Love the picture u took @ Carlos, the zero make up photo. U look sexy too! haha~ and u make me drool like crazy, wan to try those food badly!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Lay Jing! Haha, I take that as a compliment for my birthday!
Yeap, Carlos is worth a try!!!