Friday, August 27, 2010

Job offer celebrato @ Tao, Sunway Giza

Hi there~! Are you guys missing me already?
Oh well, work is definitely taking a lot of my time now, and I can't even go back to Taiping with Deardo Wong this long weekend because I have to cover an event this Saturday!
Anywayz, more on my job later in the weekend. For now I really have to do this food review on Tao, a buffet restaurant that I've wanted to go for a while after reading Hayley's blog. I told Deardo once I got a job offer, we MUST go for this one to celebrate! And so we did last week, with some of his friends because I think we can order and try more food if we go as a gang.Yeah~! I finally made it there to Tao~!
Tao's very Balinese styled design... Although... They actually sell Japanese food.
Tao actually started in Penang (or is it Butterworth?), at the Auto City. From what Deardo said, this one here at Sunway Giza is slightly different. Over here, you have a Tepanyaki counter where you can choose your own ingredients and let them make the Tepanyaki for you, a Sashimi (my favourite, yumzzzz)and cold appetizer counter, salad and dessert bar all for you to pick your favourite ones just like normal buffet. Plus, you can order anything from the menu without paying extra too! It's RM58 per pax here for dinner and they have a Buy-6-Free-1 Promo for the whole month of August too!
Okay, end of introduction, it's makan time~!
Itatakimasu~! I was very excited with the plate of salmon Sashimi I got! Yumzzzz...
Our cold appetizers! Loads of salmon Sashimi!!!
Clockwise from top right: Some random deep fried stuff Deardo ordered, steamed Gyoza, grilled lamb and Tempura.
Clockwise from top right: Takoyaki, Edamame, sliced abalone and Nasu Hiroyaki.
Clockwise from top right: 3 Cup Chicken, Shark Fin Chawanmushi, Thai Hamaguri and some grilled fish.
I personally have a few favourites that I think it's a MUST TRY. The famous Motoyaki Scallop is simply awesome! I don't know what kinda sauce they use, but it's definitely yummy! We had like 3 rounds of that! Not to forget, the Taiwanese Prawn Mantis, Which is deep fried Mantis Prawn with some chili and pepper. Although I still prefer bigger Mantis Prawn, the dish turned out to be pretty good that we actually ordered more. Their steamed tofu with Unagi is also uniquely smooth, although we didn't like the fact that the tofu comes with a piece of Unagi. I don't know, I just feel like it doesn't taste good in water...:S And if you eat or like beef, do try the Tepanyaki beef. They are perfectly grilled, not too cooked but really just nice and juicy I just can't stop praising the beef! :pMotoyaki Scallops! Nobody should miss this at Tao!
Our plate of Tepanyaki was awesome~! The octopus and prawns are fresh and the beef was BLOODY GOOD!
Taiwanese Prawn Mantis... Okay I agree it doesn't look good but ah ah don't judge the prawns by its look!
Try the tofu there too! Very smooth and nicey~!

Of course, I also think their Sashimi are really fresh too! There was this brownish coloured fish that I really like but I don't know what kind of fish is that, that was really good!
There are a lot of dishes that we just got the waitress to order their Top 10, so some didn't really turned out to be very nice. For instance, I don't find their Tempura very nice lor.The girls: Shirlexia, Mary and 33. I love 33, because every time it comes to typing her name I just need to type '33'.
The guys: Deardo Wong, PC and 33's bf that we never can remember his name... See, it's '33' again! :p
The two late birds... Ket Hon & Yang Yang.

Anywayz, I think for RM58, the buffet is very much worth the price, if you compare it to others that cost more for nothing. At least at Tao, they really serve you quality and fresh food. While I didn't like the noisy and dark atmosphere over there, I do think their services are pretty impressive. Hmmmm... I'm already feeling like having the Tepanyaki beef again now~! Deardo Wong pretending to have stomachache while me trying to check if there is a baby in there... Eh... Whose baby is that?????
Good one! But remember to book your table beforehand!


Hayley said...

Yay! You making me missing Tao :(
Did you try misoyaki? damn good eh~ my all time favourite!
And yes, their baked scallops is a must try!

ShiRLeXia said...

Misoyaki? Don't think so... Some I just ate and didn't know the names!

WCL said...

Not pretending to have stomachache lar..

I was just being very full.. :X hehehehe..

Glad u like it lialu~~

ShiRLeXia said...

I know lar lialo! Just trying to make fun of it mah...:p

RayNic said...

They have branch at Kl too?
Did they have grill lamb, i like the grill lamb in PG branch.

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea just very recently.
I think they have too.