Thursday, December 2, 2010

Me Heart Cooking~!

Last month Deardo's sis and BOL went to Korea for a trip. So Deardo and I hijacked their kitchen for a few days. Even the Roast Chicken earlier was done at their kitchen! :p
Deardo's mum also had quite some meat left in the freezer for us to use during that one week time. Hence, I happily used them to try out some dishes...

Mince pork, Mushrooms in Egg Sauce with BroccoliWhat I used: Minced pork and prawns marinated in soya sauce, pepper, cooking wine with some cornflour, mushrooms cut into cubes, broccoli
What I did:
1. Boil the broccoli.
2. In a wok, simmer some garlic, then add in the minced pork, prawns and mushrooms.
3. Fry all ingredients until they are cooked.

4. Add in water, then beat cornflour in water and pour into the work to thicken the gravy.
5. Beat an egg into the gravy.

6. Add in some salt to taste.

7. Wait till all cooked, pour them over the broccoli.

And here you go~~~
Looks like some very grand Chinese restaurant dish right? Somemore so easy to make hey! Wakakakakaka...

My Family's Special Stewed Pork
This is a very special dish we all love since we were kids. It's like my Ah Ma and Mamo's specialties! Yummmmzzzz...
Anywayz, that was my very first attempt in cooking this dish!What I used: Minced pork marinated in soya sauce and pepper with cornflour, potatoes cut into slices, canned green peas and onion cut into big pieces.
What I did:
1. Roll the minced pork into balls and dump them into hot boiling oil. Deep fry them until they are cooked. Remove from wok.
2. Next, deep fry the potatoes until they are cooked. Remove from wok.
3. Heat up a clean wok with some oil, simmer the onions.
4. Add in water, then some light soya sauce and dark soya sauce.

5. Pour the pork balls and potatoes, plus the green peas into the wok. Let all ingredients boil.

6. Pour in some cornflour in water to thicken the gravy.

Oooh... And that's all~! Looks yummy isn't it??? *wink~*
We had a complete dinner with some fried egg with long beans and yummy water cress soup!
My First Curry
And... It's Curry Pork, not chicken or fish!
Since Deardo's mum had quite a lot of pork left in the freezer, so I just made something different lor!
I've never cooked any curry before in my entire life, and so I really just did this dish very randomly with whatever available. I simply simmer some chopped onion, then add in some cut pork strips which were marinated in curry powder beforehand. Add in some potatoes cubes.
Cooked everything in some water and evaporated milk.
And Ta da~~~ I know the curry looks like sh*t in the picture, but ask Deardo Wong! He thinks the curry was not bad! :p
On the same night, I stir-fried whole load of French beans (Deardo's favourite) and Pak Choy with pork strips and mushrooms which was bloody awesome too! Especially with the cooking wine, the vegetables dish just tastes SO GOOD~~~!!!


LayJinG said...

I think u really good in cooking! Impressive!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha... You have to try it to know lar... Maybe one day I'll have the chance to cook for you! :

datuk foo said...

can i get a girl friend like u?

ShiRLeXia said...

Datuk Foo, it might be very difficult to find one... :p