Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Han Kuk X'mas Eve Dinner

I am secretly a fan of two things. The first one is Lady Gaga. Yes! I love almost everything about her! Her music, her talent, her voice, HER FASHION, and her many many things! The second one is Korean food. Okay, maybe not too secretly but I'm better known as a Japanese food lover mah...

To avoid all the crazy jams in KL city and to avoid all the jams in Western food restaurants, I think I made quite a good choice for having Korean food at Da Sa Rang at Subang SS15 as our X'mas Eve Dinner. Located right at the corner at the front row of the shop lots at SS15, above McD, Da Sa Rang only started their business probably a year ago? Those days when I was attending my Korean classes few shops away, the class actually suggested to have gathering there but we never made it. Thus, I suggested to give the restaurant a try.Atmosphere at the restaurant aren't too bad, something like all Korean restaurants in KL have.
We ordered a BBQ set worth RM140 which we later found out it was meant for three persons! Anywayz, we were fine... Deardo helped finished up everything since I was, and am still recovering from some sickness I got days earlier. I love this picture! I look so lost!
The BBQ set comes with three types of BBQ meat: pork, beef (or lamb, we really don't know) and the vegetables and Enoki mushrooms pork wraps. It also comes with my favourite Sam Gye Tang and a Bimbimbap. Of course, they automatically comes with those fancy side dishes! And I was looking curiously at this salad with slices of apple on top of it...
Deardo and the so-called Sirloin...
It says ribs meat! But never said pork or beef or lamb! So we really have no idea until today!
Our side dishes...
My top recommendation at Da Sa Rang is this Bimbimbap!
Sam Gye Tang~! Yay~!
And our favourite BBQ item!
I'm a Sam Gye Tang person, so whichever Korean restaurant I go to, Sam Gye Tang is a must! I can imagine myself going into a restaurant in Korea one day just to have a nice Sam Gye Tang! The Sam Gye Tang here is actually a bit tasteless. You will have to add in a few bits of the Asamboi powder provided to make it taste better. I wouldn't say it's very bad, but definitely not the best in town. Many faces of mine... :p
BBQ meat weren't too bad too. We especially like the pork wraps. Side dishes to me were quite disappointing. Too little compared to what I had earlier and only two of them really impressed us. Cute Deardo also enjoyed the X'mas Eve Dinner a lot! :)
BUT my favourite of the night was actually the Bimbimbap! I don't normally fancy that but their Bimbimbap really surprised me! The taste was great and everything in it were so crunchy! It might be a good idea to come to Da Sa Rang just for a Bimbimbap for lunch! Hmmm... Sounds so Yumzzz~~~Hey hey who say you can only have turkey and western food for X'mas? We are happy with our Korean dinner!
Well, not too bad a unique X'mas Eve Dinner. We were both quite satisfied with the food. Deardo was even very happy with this Middle Eastern Manager or Captain(weird but true)'s service. RM140 for three is actually not too bad a price. Yea, I'm saying 'three' because it was supposed to be set for three persons!
As we walked out, this Korean lady handed us a X'mas present! Hey I didn't even expect something like that from a restaurant! And it's a Korean face wash! Though I'm not too sure about the brand, but hey nice strategy to win your customers' hearts! :p
But too bad, I still think Seoul Korea Restaurant is the best so far!!! :)
Posing happily with my surprise X'mas prezzie!
Creamy Latte Green Tea... Sounds more like a drink from Starbucks, isn't it???

And again, to beat the traffic on Christmas Day, we actually escaped to Genting. Well, it wasn't quite an escape actually, since Genting was crazily crowded too. Seriously, why can't people just stay at home during festive seasons??? :(At Genting, we witnessed the most low-budget yet, creative and environmental-friendly X'mas deco!


viviantan-yan said...

you went to genting during x'mas? why I don't know one?

WCL said...

Wa Vivian Tan.. Since when u became the bodyguard??

I know where the watermelon background of the face wash pic from!!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Mamo knows lar!!! We are going again soon I think! :p

Deardo Wong!
I'm missing you~~~!!!

viviantan-yan said...

WCL,of course! See if you got take care of my ah duo properly boh..

Ah duo, brings me along!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

But very soon wor, for Wong Zi Wah's talk show!

Hayley said...

Never know you like Lady Gaga.. hehe. I'm not a big fan of hers, but I do admire her unique taste of fashion and boldness....

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeap! Her fashion and boldness! That are the two things that I love the most about her!!!