Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dinner @ Seoul Korean Restaurant

An nyeong ha sae yo~!
(Hi there/ How are you?)

Jo nun Shirlexia im ni da, han kuk sa ram a ni e yo. Malaysia Sa ram i e yo~!
(I'm Shirlexia, I'm not a Korean. I'm a Malaysian)

Yoon Sang Hyun sshi chu wa yo~!
(I like Yoon Sang Hyn sshi.)

Haha... Just showing off the little Korean I know! And bear with it that they are like romanized, cos I still haven't figure out how to type in Korean. I was going to say my bf will be 'eating vinegar' if I say I like Yoon Sang Hyun, but my 'limited Korean' didn't allow me to say that.
Okay, so this is finally not a blog post about my outing & eating with the bf! You wanna say 'hurray'??? Especially you, Kevin Foo Chuan Yee???
I've tried the lunch meal a few times at Seoul Korean Restaurant at Taman Desa, right in front of my boss's house. And I just love it and keep saying it is the best ever Korean food I've ever had so far. But for dinner, last night was the first time and I couldn't help it but to tell you guys that... IT WAS SOOOOOOO BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!!Gotta take picture from the top cos it was hujan-ing... :(
The menu might looks quite ordinary, but the food aren't!
The restaurant in a glance! And best thing is, you don't get the BBQ smell on your body in the end of the day!!!
It was just perfect day for BBQ! Bloody hell, it rained the entire day man!!! Aaaarrrrhhhh.... So we had Saeng Gal Bi Sal (fresh Ribeye Lean) as the BBQ beef set, Jeon Tong Bulgogi (traditional style Marinated BBQ), Sam Gae Tang and Sun Du Bu Ji Qae. My auntie-alike boss and colleague...
The Saeng Gal Bi Sal wasn't too bad, but then it could have been better if they aren't frozen. the Jeon Tong Bulgogi, which is something like what I had for lunch before this, was as good as it is. The Sun Du Bu Ji Qae is a must try to those who love tofu and spicy stuff a lot. BBQ beef with no oil oh... Only the onion! So healthy~! :)
Eat it the Korean way... With sauces, onion, green chili and garlic, wrapped in a lettuce.
The sauces, chili and garlic for the BBQ.
I know, I had so much of beef! But my colleague doesn't eat pork mah, so... Maybe next time lor, anyone???
This is the Sun Du Bu Ji Qae, which is some tofu and egg in spicy soup~Yum~!
The steamed egg was a complimentary dish and it was really tasty too!
BUT my favourite of the night goes to...SAM GAE TANG!!! Well, if you read it properly you would know what it means... It's the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup with Glutonious Rice. Oh my goodness, how come Korean Ginseng can be so good ah??? It was so so so so good I cannot find a word to describe it now! Best of all it's RM25 for a big bowl, which I think enough for 5 people (of course if you go with less people you get to eat more lar, :p)! I LOVE SAM GAE TANG!!!!!!
Of course to me, the best part is always their variety of side dishes! I JUST LOVE THEIR SIDE DISHES!!! Especially the Korean mushroom, the big tauge and the zucchini in fried egg. I've counted, there are 13 side dishes all together, the most I've ever seen in a Korean restaurant! And it's like you will love most of them except for those that are 'too Korean' that they become weird lar! I just love it, I always finish them faster and ask for refill! Kekekeke... With Shirlexia around, restaurant can really close down faster man! :pOhhhhh yeah... My favourite part... The side dishes!!!
This zucchini in fried egg is so simple but so delicious!!!
So there you go, a very sinful yet yummilicious dinner~! Thanks to my directors in Korea! :)
I was going to get a name card and tell you guys how to get there and the business hour, but I forgot. Nevermind, you can always ask me, I'll tell ya~! You guys just really gotta try this! Better still if you ask me to bring you there and then give me a treat! :p

Thanks for reading... Gam sa ham ni da...


chuanyee said...

I saw it......I saw it...hahaha..

ShiRLeXia said...

You wanna go for Korean BBQ one day???

chuanyee said...

yes, I wan. waiting for salary

ShiRLeXia said...

Ahahah... I'm waiting for you... And your salary! :p

rainbow mushroom said...

u went all d way to tmn desa?
u shd go to d one in The Strands Dataran Sunway!
d lady boss is Judy, say i introduced~ :P

ShiRLeXia said...

YV, you just know so many people!
I haven't even try the Jap restaurant!