Saturday, January 1, 2011

Unexpectedly Fun New Year Party~

With the absence of Deardo Wong, and because of the extra public holiday we've got on Friday, Ducum and I decided to make a trip to visit Ah Ma and spend the last night of 2010 at her house. Without any earlier plan, 3e invited us to her house for a little unplanned new year party, which turned out to be quite fun!On the way to 3e's house...

Basically the party consisted of: Shirlexia, Ducum, Ah Ma, 3e, Uncle Thong, Eu Jin, Jan Yi and the maid!Ducum, Ah Ma and Shirlexia trying to be artsy!
Supposedly this picture should tell you how funny Eu Jin and Jan Yi looked like in their old pictures!
Enjoying our glass of Kahlua with milk while forcing Ah Ma to take pic with us! :p
Cheers for a better year in 2011!!! :D
Ah Ma really stayed up the whole night for the party until 2am okay?
And all we had were some liquor, chicken wings and satay. Even the chicken wings were unexpectedly awesome~!!!
Everybody loves the chicken wings!!!
Not to forget some cool music and many many versions of fireworks when it was 12am!!!3e's house has a nice view to fireworks from most parts of PJ, and even Shah Alam!
And it was so cool to see so many houses at 3e's place all screaming 'Happy New Year' to each other even though we don't know each other, and basically can't see each other because it was too dark! But the entire atmosphere was so fun!!! I really kinda like my 3e's place. If only if the houses there aren't so expensive... Sigh...In New York~Concrete jungle where dreams are made of~~~
We just love that song!!!
No... We were definitely NOT drunk!!!
These pictures just show how much we enjoyed the party~! Yoo~Hoo~~~!!!
Some of the drinks we had! I love my Kahlua with milk! That is really something I missed since Perth!
Anywayz, it was really quite an unexpectedly fun and cool party! I had so much fun, really! Really appreciate such small but lovely new year party with some family members in stead of going into the traffic jam and huge crowd outside!
So, many thanks to the host for that!!! :)One super nice big family picture finally~! Please excuse the maid for the quality of the picture! :p

The next day 4e brought us to 1 Utama and Ducum and I tried out this same dress at Warehouse...Damn we can really be cool model sisters! :p
Did we end up buying the dress??? You guess!!!


WCL said...

No you didn't....

ShiRLeXia said...

Hmmm... I might still have friends who want to guess, so I'm not telling ya~! :p