Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yummy Dinner @ Kafe Bawang Merah, SS12

We've heard quite a lot about Bawang Merah but never really made a trip there even though it is actually situated right outside his sister's house at SS12, until one fine night...Located behind the Sime Darby Medical Centre (formerly known as SJMC), the restaurant is apparently very famous, I think especially with the Malays and Indonesians. But after my visit there, I must correct the fact because I saw many Chinese and Indians dining there too! No wonder lar, almost every time I passed by that place it is always so crowded! See... There was an Indian couple ta pao-ing food over there!
Although from the outside, it looks more like a fancy Malay-Indonesian restaurant, inside they actually serve very simple dishes. They even have a mini stall with dishes like you have at some Chap Fun (mixed rice) stalls! Of course, there are also some noodles and rice dishes in the menu for you to choose from.
Since it was already pretty late at night, I went for a Soto Ayam instead of rice while Deardo had the Nasi Goreng something (couldn't recall which Nasi Goreng he had...). I also ordered some vegetables and rendang beef from the mixed rice corner.Our side-kicks... THE RENDANG BEEF IS UNFORGETTABLE!!!
My bowl of Soto Ayam.
Deardo's Nasi Goreng.
The Soto Ayam was really just so-so but the Nasi Goreng really satisfied Deardo Wong a lot! At first because of a long wait he said he is going to boycott the shop, but once he had the Nasi Goreng he changed his mind straight away! I think it's the fact that they fried the rice with a big fire which gives the fried rice a very nice scent! Yumzzz... And true to the makcik's recommendation, the rendang beef was super awesome!!! You can actually taste the bits of the spices with the coconut which was so yummy yet, yea unhealthy. :pLooking at these pictures, I really think I look real good in this hairstyle, don't you think so???
Together with two Limau Suam, the bill came up to less than RM20, which was surprisingly very cheap hey!
To me, if you are looking for nice Malay-Indonesian food with a cleaner environment with a decent price, then I'm sure you do not want to miss this one!


Hayley said...

Yep, that price is pretty cheap!
I dont eat beef, but that rendang beef looks good though ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeap yeap! The rendang beef is super nice!