Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another nice Korean restaurant! Yay~!

One fine evening Deardo's sister asked us to join them for dinner at a newly opened Korean restaurant nearby. Located at SS15, right above Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant, Korean House Restaurant has only opened since about 2-3 months ago, probably lesser than that. The whole deco is very very simple, looks more like those simple Korean restaurants you see in a Korean drama. Probably the simplest I've ever seen in KL. The Korean owner was really nice to us probably because 1) Deardo's sis and BIL just went two days ago, 2) We were only one of three tables of customers there.
We ordered quite a lot of food for four persons...Six plates of side dishes...
Our Korean BBQ pork.
Yummilicious Bimbimbap!!!
My must-have in any Korean restaurant, Sam Gye Tang!
The special don't-know-what sauce that we love a lot!
The Spicy Tofu Soup which was surprisingly good!
Made a right choice to try their Seafood Pancake too! :)
I basically tried everything we ordered and honestly speaking I'm soooooooo impressed! I think I'm most impressed with the Bimbimbap and the Spicy Tofu Soup, while I still think Seoul Korean Restaurant has slightly better Sam Gye Tang. Ohyea! The Seafood Pancake is also to-die-for! Very little flour but loads of fresh prawns and sotong! Yummzzz... The only thing I don't like is the little side dishes they offered. Only six? That's like by far the least I've ever got in any Korean restaurants!
In the end, the owner actually gave us this complimentary Korean Sushi!... Which made us all even 'fuller'...
And then he insisted to help take a picture for us...And all the food with the friendly services (with F.O.C green tea)cost us RM120, which is RM30 per person. Definitely a good price! Definitely worth a second visit, especially when it's so near to where I stay!
Another choice of place for makan! Yay~! :D



Hayley said...

Wah, you're really a big Korean food fan ha!
Happy Thaipusam to you~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea, recently kinda think Korean food are pretty good! Must go to Korea to try the real ones one day! :)