Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Papo @ 湖景阁,Flemington Hotel

Before I leave for KL in 2 hours time (aih... I don't wanna go... *pull Mamo's skirt~~~*), I've decided to blog about Papo's early (X)0 year-young birthday celebration.
Okay okay, Papo asked us not to tell how old is he but the truth is, he doesn't look like his age at all! Really, not at all! That's my new dress from Cotton On, new vest from Sub, old belt from Kitschen, old shoe from Rubi. Nice?
Anywayz, since his birthday is coming soon, we wanted to give him a treat before heading back to work. The simple family dinner was done at 湖景阁, a Chinese restaurant at Flemington Hotel with the five of us and two Ah Mas.

Very handsome birthday boy! :)
That was the very first time I dined at the restaurant which is barely two years old, I think. Before that I've heard bad reviews from people around me yet, I decided to give it a go. I mean, sometimes it really depends on which dishes you order lor! Plus, I wanted a high-end (or at least high-end looking restaurant) for my dearest Papo's big day celebration! So I thought 湖景阁sounds ok! Let's say this, Papo is always surrounded by girls!
Da boss and his girls...
Maybe we should frame this up! :)
And of course! A family photo of us five!
We had a VIP room to ourselves and ordered seven dishes of portion for five. The Five Happiness五福(RM150)has very nice fried shark fin with egg, jellyfish, cold shrimps with fruit, canned abalone and some deep fried meat. Absolutely unique!
I know we are not supposed to eat anymore shark fin... But this is really once in a while... :(
Here's the Dried Scallop and Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup 干贝蟹肉翅 (RM120). I really think they serve very nice shark fin soup!
Super duper fresh, everybody's favourite Steamed Garoupa 深海石斑鱼(RM70).
Marmite Pork Ribs 妈蜜排骨(RM25)was yummey~~~!!!
In stead of the birthday noodles, we opted for this Fatt Choy Mien发财面(RM25).
The sweet, sour and spicy prawn 古法干烧虾(RM40)has quite a unique taste!
Claypot vegetables with Omelet蛋皮煲(RM30) was really something new.
I was extremely happy with all the dishes! I will specially recommend the Dried Scallop Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup and Marmite Pork Ribs. The Shark Fin Soup because of its generosity of the dried scallops and crab meat, and even the shark fins! Marmite Pork Ribs because of its taste and its softness of the meat. The Garoupa we had was also damn fresh even Papo couldn't stop praising it!Nice ler our cake???
Haha I know it looks more like wedding anniversary! Lolz!
All of us after the yummy dinner!!!
We were all bloody fulled at the end of the night stuffing ourselves with the yummy food, nice wine and Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence later! Phew~!
The bill came up to RM462, which was okay since it was actually CNY price, couldn't escape from that lar. At least we were all very much satisfied with the food and services we got!

*Check out other pictures here.


Hayley said...

Happy birthday to your papo (what a cute name :P)
I recognise the background, so Flemington look! LOL :D

ShiRLeXia said...

I say thanks on behalf of my Papo! Cute ler? My sister came out with those names for everyone of us!