Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bunny Year~!

My bunny new year wasn't really interesting. For some unknown reasons, I didn't really feel the CNY mood in me. Didn't really even wear new clothes on CNY. Hence, not many pictures taken too during the entire CNY... You can check out my pictures here. But for now, I've picked a handful of pictures to share with ya!

A day before CNY, the whole family did a spring cleaning and me, as usual, did my favourite house work, mopping the floor!Someone in FB just called me a sexy and hot maid! :p

At night, we had our grand reunion dinner at Ah Ma's place. This year, to cut down her burden, we ordered four dishes from outside while she cooked the rest of the dishes.My family's tradition is... The more the better!!!

As usual, on first day of CNY, we had our yummy Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua Soup for breakfast for a great start of the year! :)Mamo's Red Wine Chicken Soup, Steamed Chicken and Vegetables!

Pictures, pictures, pictures...Not exactly a new dress, I'm sure you've seen me worn this before! It's something I bought probably one year plus ago from Forever 21.
Family pic version 1!
Family pic version 2!
Family pic version 3!
Family pic version 4!
One with my cute cousin sisters Karina and Tessa.
They can be bloody cute okay?
Karina is seriously a real poser man!
Hahahahaha... Kawaii ne???
Karina learning how to put make-up!
Very old dress I bought in 2008!!! Was going to wear this on 4e's wedding but she actually postponed, postponed, postponed...
Talking about 4e... Here you go... You wanna know when is the wedding, or to be accurate, is there even a date for the wedding? Ask her!
Very blurry family photo of all cousins at Mamo's side! Papo's side definitely too big to even gather them all together at one time! Lolz!

You know, in recent years, I actually found myself loving the normal home cooked food than those we have during festive seasons. That is why I especially took these pictures of Mamo's cooking after everybody has gone home. :p
So... Food! Food! Food!Fu Yong Dan (egg omelet), this one with crab meat, prawns and carrots!
Stir-fried broccoli with many many stuff! Nicey~!
Mamo's new creation, salted prawns! Yummey~~!!!
An extra here is Ah Ma's specialty, Bak Kean (meat rolls). No matter how many Bak Kean I tried outside, Ah Ma's one for some reasons, remains as the best one so far!!!
To be honest, I didn't eat as much as you've expected! Seriously!

Am going back to KL today... Although days in Taiping aren't always exciting, but I think going back to work has ZERO excitement lor... Haih... Feel like throwing up just by thinking of going back to the bloody office! I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO WORK!!!
And this weekend alone I will have to work both days damn it! Hopefully I'll find some time to update my blog soon lar!
Wish me luck and a safe journey ba!

P/S: Feel like having your meal at a unique place???These people must be nuts! They want to eat at prison corner??? And What is mom doing in prison???


LayJinG said...

Oh ... I mistt bak kean!!! haiz~ didnt hv the CNY mood too!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea lor, a lot of my relatives and friends also didn't come back...