Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ginger Wine Chicken Soup with Mien Sien

I finally got back to cooking and made some real nice dinner for myself and Deardo Wong! Yay~!
After such a long time I didn't cook, it probably doesn't even surprise you if I tell you I only found out there were no more gas to cook when I actually wanted to start cooking. So Mamo's electric stove came into rescue! Mamo is a Supermum! :)
Since Deardo wanted a healthy dinner, so I suggested noodles soup. And then Ginger Wine Chicken Soup came into my mind, probably because I just had similar one at 3e's place not too long ago. Also Inspired by the one we love a lot at Ah Loy, OUG, in which I used exactly the same ingredients, I decided to try, even though I had to do it without the proper rice wine or white wine. All I have is actually a bottle of Chinese cooking wine! :S

What I used:About a small bowl of Chinese cooking wine, ginger smashed and cut into slices, chicken thigh cut into pieces (I also removed the skin), oyster mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, wolfberries, mien sien and salt to taste.

What I did:
1. In a pot, or a big wok, simmer the ginger in hot oil.2. Then add in the chicken and stir-fry until the colour turn brownish.
3. Add in the wine, stir-fry a little and pour in appropriate amount of water. Also add in the wolfberries.4. Close the lit and let it boil for about 5-10 minutes.
5. Add in the oyster mushrooms and Chinese cabbage and let them boil for a bit more.6. Once the mushrooms and Chinese cabbage are cooked, you are done!
7. You don't need me to tell you to boil and drain the mien sien to be served with the soup right (okay, am already telling you...)?
Quite simple isn't it?Wooopsss... Lousy picture...
Amazingly the smell itself was already tempting enough! Even Deardo who earlier told me he wants only little for dinner, changed his mind and wanted three bunches of Mien Sien to go with the soup!
The taste was wonderful! The smell of the ginger and the wine were heavy and makes the soup tasted like haven! Plus, I read this soup is actually good for health too! And the Chinese cabbage also gives it some sweetness while making it a balance meal!
I'm pretty sure if I use real rice wine and real fire to cook it will be even better!My man was certainly happy with the dinner! :)
Another successful try! Yay~! :D
See I told ya, you can just do it freestyle and experiment things when it comes to cooking! You never know, your dish might turn out to be awesome! :p

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