Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rare food review...

Why is it rare? Because it's a restaurant with most dishes in the menu with bitter gourd as main cooking material. Not only that, the restaurant itself is named simply as Restaurant Fu Kua (as in Bitter Gourd Restaurant). I think the rarest part is... I (or to be accurate, we, Yapp and me) got Deardo Wong, who absolutely hates bitter gourd, to dine at this restaurant! :pIt was Yapp who suggested this restaurant at Taman Megah for dinner. At first I really doubt it that this will be something that people would like. I mean, everything bitter gourd??? But to my surprise, when we arrived, the restaurant was actually pretty packed!
The menu is full of dishes' names all over, without price tags! About 4 pages of the menu contain dishes with bitter gourd while about 2 pages of them contain dishes without bitter gourd. The menu really excites me! Bitter gourd with frog, with fish, with chicken, even with petai! WTH~! The menu and a big banner telling you why is bitter gourd good for you!
There were just too many choices that we had to ask the waitress for recommendations! So, for the three of us, we ordered three dishes...Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd with Salty Egg.
Fried Lala with Bitter Gourd.
Claypot Wine Chicken.
My favourite of the night is the Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Salty Egg. No, no, let's say this again... I LOVE THAT DISH! IT WAS AWESOME~!!! The bitter gourd were very thinly sliced, and the salty egg not only made the bitterness lesser, but also made the entire dish smells and tastes so good~ Absolutely yummey~! The Bitter Gourd with Lala and Black Bean was not too bad too. I'm not a fan of black beans, but hey it actually goes well with the bitter gourd! I'm not too much a fan of the Claypot Wine Chicken though, it was way too sweet to me!
I forgot to get the receipt, so I can only tell you, with three dishes, three rice and a pot of Chinese tea, it cost us RM61. Well not too bad lar actually, since there were Lala included.
I really like this restaurant! It's pretty clean, and anything with bitter gourd is healthy! I would definitely love to come back for another few visits to try the other dishes which sounds so unique!

Sidekick: Terriyaki Pork Burger @ Kissaten, Heritage Food Village, Lot 10
Although Deardo and I are considered frequent visitors to Heritage Food Village, we've never tried this pretty famous pork burger yet... Until today!Giant Terriyaki Pork Burger, I shall say.
Ordered and saw the whole burger-making process right in front of my eyes. Thus, I know the burger patty was pre-cooked and was only microwaved before it is served to customers. Big :(
I actually think the whole burger tastes not too bad. Love the bread, the vegetables and the Japanese Mayonnaise! I'm not too much a fan of Terriyaki Sauce so yea too bad... The pork patty (which is a main character here) is actually pretty good too, but really, I think it could be better if they don't pre-cook it!
Just found out they have an outlet at Jaya One! Maybe that one serve freshly-cooked patty! :)

And look who I met at Heritage Food Village today! We bumped into 3e and Jan Yi and so we had lunch together-gether! :D
Apparently it was 3e and Jan Yi's first visit to this wonderful food court! So we shared our expertise (cheh wah.. expertise...) with them on the best food to order! :p


talented Foo said...

I love fried bitter gourd!!! do they have it? ei, pls recommend more nice food n places to dine. this blog is my source of food info! happy?

ShiRLeXia said...

The deep fried one? Yea they have! But I think they are different as compared to those you find at Mamak!