Saturday, July 3, 2010


Remember in my earlier post I said I have a bet with Deardo Wong on whether or not the Brazilian team is going to make it to the final of the World Cup? Well that was probably why we didn't want to miss a good match between the Samba team and the Dutch.We were at the very crowded Old Town Kopitiam at Subang Avenue.
Nice pic taken by deardo!
Not that I'm a big fan of the Dutch, but like I said earlier, I love to see underdogs win. So I was there for the Orange team while Deardo was there for the Brazilians. We were definitely the only couple sitting over there watching the match excitedly!
You do not need to ask who we were supporting. The shirts say it all!
I shut myself up during the first half because I really thought the Brazilians were doing so much more better I thought I was going to lose the bet and that there will be no surprise in the result. And then came second half where the Dutch came back refreshed and I could sense they are going to fight back. But it was Felipe Melo who gave them an own goal and they added another later through Wesley Sneijder to make it 2-1 and I was so excited I cheered so loud and made faces at Deardo, while he looked so disappointed with his favourite team! And Melo made a fool out of himself later with a red card! Phew~!Guess what are those in the tissue papers?
Bloodily oily punya fish nuggets!
For about 30 minutes before the match ended it was so exciting that my hands and legs were shaking and my entire body was so hot like I'm having fever or something. I was waiting impatiently for the final whistle while the Brazilians were still trying to score!
And then it all came to an end!!! Even I couldn't believe myself that the Dutch have won! But you know what? They definitely deserve the win, even Deardo agreed. Dunga, the Brazilian coach was so devastated.
Brazil, as one of the hot favourite to win the cup, probably had too much pressure on themselves. And when their opponent went a goal ahead they all freaked out. And of course, no thanks should be given to Melo, who would probably become very famous after this match. An own goal and a red card! Fantastic!
And the truth is, I really think the current Brazilian team aren't anything compared to the team with the likes of Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Those players were so fast with the ball!
Deardo is also sad that his favourite team is out of the World Cup! He just told me the match actually looked very fake... ==|||
Anywayz, it was a really exciting match and I think it is worth it to have myself surrounded by smokers smoking next to me to have catch probably the best match of the tournament so far! :)
So the Netherlands won the match and will take on Uruguay in the semi-final while I won the bet. I'll tell ya later what did I win. :p

My dream final of the World Cup 2010 would be Netherlands vs Germany! What's yours?


Lay JinG said...

Unexpected result for this world cup! Cannot predict which team going to enter final, hehe... I support ORANGE too~

ShiRLeXia said...

I only hope to see underdogs win. SO I hope that Germany can beat Argentina tonight!