Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunch @ Menglembu East Ocean Restaurant & our Ipoh trip

I've heard Deardo talked about this restaurant like N times and finally I made it there with him and his family on a trip to Ipoh! Now their love for this restaurant was basically because their food are damn cheap and nice. But we went for some pricey stuff that day and here's what we had...I know I shouldn't be having shark fin soup but er... Just once in a long while! :)
Our very yummy abalone!
Stir-Fried French Beans with Salted Eggs! Yummy~!
Yam Basket, not my favourite...
'Jiu Pai Tofu'.
Very tender and yummy Dong Bo Yok!
Yeap the abalone itself already is RM38 per piece and the big bowl of shark fin soup was already RM48. But trust me, the rest of the dishes ranges only from RM6-RM12!!! Even Deardo's mum was like:"What? The yam basket dish only cost us 6 bucks! 'Yam gong loh...'(in Cantonese)!"Deardo's interpretation of "the food are delicious~!"
Not only that, taste wise, the dishes really impressed me! The shark fin soup (little shark fins but loads of crab meat and dried scallops), the abalone (very nice to chew, not really ruber-ish), the Dong Bo Yok (freaking tender and yummy) and Fried French Beans with Salted Eggs (OMG this smells and tastes soooooooo GOOD!!!) were all my favourite! Seriously, haven't had such impressive proper Chinese food for some time!
Really, you should give it a try whenever you're in Ipoh!

Menglembu East Ocean Restaurant
1-7, Hala Perusahaan Menglembu 17,
31450 Ipoh,
Tel: 05-2829 457, 05-2829 435

Well that lunch pretty much summed up our trip to Ipoh before we headed back to Taiping.
But earlier, we started our day with some famous Foh San Dim Sums and because we really didn't have any idea where to go in Ipoh, we went to this Gunung Lang Recreation Park just to kill time and accidentally found out it was quite a cool place to visit! Here we are~~~! Gunung Lang!
Played model to Deardo Wong's car/toy/second gf.
Don't you just love my lovely red skirt???
The only group picture we took that day!
So it's a place with this beautiful mountains and all that, with a lake in the middle where you can pay 3 bucks as a return boat fare to travel over to the other side of the lake to a park where you get some kampung houses, a lighthouse, and some ostriches, kancil, monkeys and turkeys! Oh and by the way, there are so many BIG FAT fishes in the lake too! I was having fun feeding the fishes! There were so many GIANT ikan keli~! I love eating them!!! :p
I'm leaving on a jet-boat...
So raya feel, right???
Stomachache pose just for the fun of it. :p
Yeap, that's the so-called 'lighthouse'.
Nice view hey?
The ostriches were especially cute whenever they put their heads up to look at Deardo who was snapping pictures of them!
Obviously this Gunung Lang isn't a very famous tourist spot, at least from what we saw. But the entire atmosphere was really nice there. Like really green, really erm... NATURAL! Besides, the scenery from the top of the lighthouse was really amazing!!! How could people didn't realise that this is not too bad a place to visit in Ipoh?
I truly had fun there! :D

And then we also killed some time playing bowling at Ipoh Parade and bought some bloody yummy Kaya Puff.
Here's a funny name for a building/shop lot in Ipoh... Deardo's dad said this is the ex-Foh San! Surely a very 'dramatic' place, I think.

I hope it is still not too late to wish you all SELAMAT HARI RAYA, HAPPY MERDEKA & HAPPY HOLIDAY~!!! :D


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