Monday, May 7, 2012

Some latest movies...

The Avengers
So here's a movie that everyone is waiting for and with six Marvel's superhero getting together in one single movie, you would have expected probably the best superhero movie ever produced in history.
So here's my verdict, purely from a girl's point of view though. A girl who doesn't fancy superhero movies, not especially when the villain is some aliens from Asgard. Please do let me know if Asgard ACTUALLY exists. Bleh. Anywayz, I find the movie a little draggy from the beginning till middle of the movie like I was yawning and was checking my watch non-stop already. BUT!!! In Deardo's point of view, it is all necessary and important to explain a few things such as introduction to each characters and telling you non of them is superior. Okay, I simply do not understand that. But all in all, I like the movie. It is still entertaining whenever they fight and Tony Stark's technology just became even cooler! And plus, I love the humour in the movie and I enjoyed that part the most I must say.
I still find Chris Evans, who plays Captain America the cutest of them all but damn I think the movie just made Hulk's character so much more lovable too! They make him so funny yet so fragile! For some odd reasons, I still find Jeremy Renner always look a little not-so-confident, be it in this movie or in Ghost Protocol. Can he actually do well in The Bourne Legacy because Matt Damon was freaking good in it? And by the way, I still find Matt Damon cuter lar, if you ask me. :p
The Avengers is quite a good commercialised movie worth a watch!

The Lady
The first scene of the movie already put tear in my eyes. Can you imagine that??? And yes, then the rest of the movies also made me so freaking emotional!
The movie isn't aesthetically super beautiful but the story itself, the message it carries and most importantly the acting made so much of impacts there are a few scenes that I can still fondly remember till now. I mean, looking at the movie makes you feel the pain of the Burmese and makes you realised how lucky we are where military aren't dictating the country. And yes, I truly hope whatever happened in the coming election, there will not be any internal wars in the country. *peace~*The movie gives you a whole new perspective about life and to those who aren't familiar with the great Aung San Suu Kyi, this is a real biopic of her that you shouldn't miss!
Although not the best interpretation of a famous figure, Michelle Yeoh's acting is the best of hers so far. Although I've not seen how Aung San Suu Kyi talks in real life, I think Michelle Yeoh made the character quietly lovable. Urm, if you understand what I mean. There was this one scene where she was shocked at how a soldier shot a doctor right in front of her, that facial expression really made me just cried on the spot... So, well done Michelle Yeoh! :)
For delivering such a beautiful movie, thank you and hats' off to Michelle Yeoh, Luc Besson and other crew and cast of the movie. For sacrificing so much for democracy, I have my full respect for you, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi!


yvonne said...

I love Chris Evans!! He's so cute and handsome, Tony Stark is as 'chok' as ever - I know he's the loaded one here. Mark Ruffalo brings out his character well, I like him as Bruce Banner.

The movie itself is kinda, erm, under-expectation (maybe I put higher hope), but worth the ticket for the action-packed scenes.

p/s: Haven't watch The Lady yet~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeah exactly! Totally agree with your view on The Avengers!

Should try your best to watch The Lady!!!