Friday, June 15, 2012

Authentic HK Cuisine @ Joy Garden, Northbridge, Perth

After my cousin Sin Fei brought us to a new restaurant in Northbridge for Dim Sum on our first day in Perth, Deardo and I felt like there is something missing from the Dim Sum we ate. Perhaps it was because it wasn't my first choice? Few years ago when I was still in Perth, I spent some of my weekend mornings having Dim Sum with my friends and housemates and my favourite place for Dim Sum, recommended by some of my friends from Hong Kong was Joy Garden Restaurant, which fortunately, still surviving. *yay~~*
Spot the Leng Lui!
Joy Garden opens at 9.30am nowadays, which is much earlier than the 11am when I was studying in Perth few years back. Dim Sums are served until 3pm and they do dinner too at night with fresh seafood such as huge snow crabs and fresh lobsters.
Let me show you how our Dim Sum breaky looked like...
Yummy Siu Mai!
Har Gao with fresh prawns. Not a fan of the skin though.
Ooooh... My favourite! Ngau Pak Yip!
Very nice Pork Ribs!
Salad Prawns.
How I missed this Deep Fried Octopus with Salt and Chili!
Getting real excited for breakfast!
There is a reason why I went all the way to Australia for Dim Sum! Because they are nicer than those in KL! I'm freaking serious!!! Trust me, their seafood are damn fresh, the pork ribs are tender and yummy, and you don't get certain stuff in restaurants in KL. For instance, the beef tripe (Ngau Pak Yip) are everywhere in Chinese restaurants in Perth! But I tell you, the one at Joy Garden is really really to-die-for! Very crunchy and it doesn't have the fishy smell you thought you would get in a beef innards. And the Deep Fried Octopus with Salt and Chili! Why KL's Dim Sum restaurants no have? WHY??? I'm not particularly a fan of the Deep Fried Salad Prawn because the skins are too thick but then the prawns are still damn fresh!
Sai Mai Lou!!!
I don't normally take dessert after Dim Sum in KL but in Perth I will demand for my Sai Mai Lou! Chilled coconut milk with pieces of fresh fruits! Aahhh... Tastes like heaven man! And I don't even like coconut milk in the first place!
We paid around AUD40 for the Dim Sum breaky and without converting to RM, I think it is quite cheap to have Dim Sum there, in a proper restaurant, not random kopitiam!

Before we went to the restaurant for Dim Sum, we actually went there for dinner two nights before for dinner when I was already craving for Asian food after some days out of Perth city, surviving on western food and instant noodles. We went a little crazy ordering four dishes, already knowing that the portion won't be small!
Free soup, the Hong Kies call them 'Lai Tong'!
Damn this Garlic and Butter Prawns look so nice!
Sambal Kangkong... I think we were missing home already! :p
Black Pepper Beef!
Claypot Eggplant.
Well luckily the food didn't disappoint us! Love the garlic butter prawns where the prawns were lightly flavoured and were so fresh and crunchy! The Kangkong was fresh but the sambal still can't beat what we have in Malaysia and the Black Pepper Beef might be Deardo's favourite with the tender beef giving you such a joy when chewing them! The only one I thought was a little letdown was the Claypot Eggplants, which lacks the scent of some salted fish or dried shrimps.
Deardo was so happy he decided to become the sexy ambassador for Joy Garden Restaurant! LOL!
Oh hell yea we spent AUD90 plus for that dinner, which means RM300 for that freaking dinner~! But I think we were both very happy with the meal. Deardo especially still always talks about the yummy prawns and beef he had at Joy Garden! Yes, they are so unforgettable! :)
Too bad we didn't try the lobster because of budget concern but we saw a lot of customers having lobsters when we were there! Bet they are yummy too!
So anywayz, if you ask me where to have nice Hong Kong style Chinese food in Perth, this is where I'll recommend!

Joy Garden Restaurant
65 Francis St
Northbridge 6003 WA
Tel: +618-9227 8638

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