Friday, June 22, 2012

Must Go-s in Western Australia

Western Australia is HUGE. So huge that I have not even venture into the entire state during my two-year study life there and my few trips back, including my recent one. In fact, the recent one was the one that I really went real far and that really isn't even half of the state yet!
There are some places down south that I've been to a few times but still I insisted we must go again and I would recommend you to go if you are going to WA for holiday.
1) The gorgeous Albany Wind Farm
The Albany Wind Farm totally took my breath away when I first visited the place few years back. The huge generators seriously amazed me loads! I heard Europe has more of these things but hey since I can only afford Australia, these generators and those gorgeous scenery are enough to make my jaw drop!
Now this place has also become extra unforgettable since Deardo proposed to me there! :)

2) Valley of the Giants (Tree Top Walk)
That was also my third visit and I still love that place a lot! I've been to similar one in Kota Kinabalu but honestly, that one is zero compared to the Valley of the Giants! This place is huge where you can first take a walk on top of the jungle (note: you cannot be afraid of height to walk that hanging bridge) and then finish with another walk where you can see HUGE and old tingle trees which will surely make you go wah~wah~wah~!

3) Pentland Alpaca Stud & Animal Farm
Second time there and I still think this is the best place to be near to Australian animals such as Koalas and Kangaroos. With a minimal entrance fee, you get a pack of food to feed the animals in a little farm which looks more like a private farm like those with a family house at the side.
And they have the cutest Alpacas and baby Kangaroos!!!

Of course, there are a few places that were new to me and I must share with you the wonderful experience!
1) Wave Rock
Located about 400km east of Perth, this hidden gem is another example of amazing naturally made tourist spot. A look at the photos already amazed you but hey when you are there in person you just can't believe your eyes how can such odd-looking yet beautiful thing stuck in the middle of no where?
Downside is, there are nothing much to see along the way to Wave Rock. So it's really a long journey without any stop-over to see other stuff. But to Deardo and I, the long drive was tiring but worth every km of it!!! :)

2) Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
This is the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia, according to the lighthouse tour leader. Of course the lighthouse is amazing BUT what amazed us more is the fact that right over there you could see the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean clashes with each other! I mean, you can literally see the two waves hit into each other! How often can you find such thing???

3) The Pinnacles
Only about two hours drive from Perth, I have no idea why I've never been there last time when I was studying in Perth while I've been to Lancelin, the town not too far away from The Pinnacles.
The Pinnacles may sound like oh, just some rocks but honestly, you gotta be there at least once to feel it for yourself! It's a HUGE HUGE HUGE desert with these rocks standing like nobody's business and apparently scientists still couldn't find the exact answer to why are these rocks all over the place just like that. Some tall and thin, some fat and short, they might look 'just rocks' if I give you a few pieces of them. But hey it's whole loads of them all over the desert!!! That place was to me, truly unforgettable!!!

Even before I went to Perth for my study, people have warned me about how boring Perth can be but until today I can tell you it is seriously not as bad as I've expected. Perth city today has even grows into a busier city with a lot of new stuff installed. Big screen TVs in the middle of the city (just like Fed Square in Melbourne city), loads of new buildings with the most obvious sport arena and they are damn modern-looking okay! I can also see more and more shops and cafes opening up, some till late night now! And plus those places around WA are just too good to be missed! Oh yea, check out Albany man, that is simply a dream place for me to be in when I retire one day! Ha!
So seriously, I'm sick of people complaining that Perth is boring! Go experience it and you will know why I said so! And Tourism Australia can now think of how much to pay me for this blog post! *wink~~*

Check out more of my Perth trip's photos here... Album 1, Album 2, Album 3, Album 4


WCL said...

LOL... I love the picture of you kicking the tree... so cartoonish..


Pinnacles desert tour said...

Wow,you have a great tour in the Western part of the Australia. The tree cave is nice.

Hayley said...

I like the wave rock, so cool!

ShiRLeXia said...

Deardo! And your version is not as good as mine!

Pinnacles tour? Well I did enjoy my trip back to Perth that's for sure! :)

Hayley, yea I know! I was really amazed too!