Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Wait Ends

Since leaving home for my studies till now, I've been nomad for more than a decade, moving from one house to another in KL and of course in Perth too.
I must admit I'm not an easy housemate or roommate to deal with most of the time because I'm a very light sleeper who can't take noise or light when I'm sleeping. When I was studying in KL I used to have roommates who have a reversed sleeping timing so they would wake up midnight and start taking shower, chatting with each other before deciding to go leave me in peace and have their meal at the nearest mamak when I'm sleeping in the bloody same room! Then when I was in Perth, I used to have stupid Aussie guys who would get themselves drunk almost every night and would be home to try their very best to destroy all furnitures available at home.
In Perth these Aussie guys also love to cook but never washed their dishes and would leave everything rotten and stinky. I couldn't help but punished them by throwing those dishes straight right into the rubbish bin. And don't even mention how they made some racist statement too on my face. Urggghhh... Seriously made me hate Aussie guys for a long while!
Aussie guys whom I had a love and hate relationship with. LOL! 
Of course the most recent one was the experience with Ken the kid and the conman Daniel a.k.a Jerry Tang (and god knows if he has change his name again for his house rental business' sake?) which ended up in a very interesting way...
It is just me? Or you guys also have difficult experiences dealing with your housemates, roommates and landlords? 
Ultimately, the best way to get out of all these nonsenses is to get yourself a house and I'm really glad that Deardo is one fiancee who is good in planning for our future and had decided that we would buy a condo unit for ourselves. It wasn't easy though dealing with the entire name-changing process and a very calculative ex-owner of the house but finally after about a year time, we can call ourselves owner and resident of the house! Yay~! :D
The house is small but comfy and enough for the both of us once we really settled down. We are slowly changing stuff in the house. I said 'slowly' because we do not have that much of money to make such a big make-over to the house yet. And we are doing a lot of things on our own, with the biggest challenge being repainting the entire house. I will share more of our experience in fixing the house in the near future as we progress so at the meantime you can think of what you can give me as house-warming gifts! Ha! But then again... I'm damn anal about what to buy and put in the house to match the theme, so if you are really planning to give me anything, money should be the best gift so that I can buy the furniture or appliances that I love. Hehehe... Thanks in advanced yea! :)

These ugly-looking dining table and chairs always make me wonder what on earth was the ex-owner thinking when he bought this set of stuff? I mean, yellow chairs, seriously?
Kitchen cabinet is the first one to be fixed and I'm so excited to get it done soon!!! Can't wait to use my lovely kitchen to do more cooking experiments!!! Behold people! :p
The stupid-looking coffee colour and maroon red sofa is now gone. We sent it off for charity! Ha!
Seriously, I can't wait to invite my friends and relatives to my house for a little party where I would cook up some nice food with my new kitchen (which by the way, not done yet)!!! But that really has to wait till the house is nicely done! So stay tuned, guys! :)


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Behold.... Earth Theme... haha




It's all worth it right now.. :O

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Chocolate???? ==|||