Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food & Wine @ Brookwood Estate, Margaret River, WA

There are simply too many vineyards in Western Australia, especially along the way between Margaret River and Perth city. I've been to quite a lot of them when I was studying in Perth but I have zero memory of the names of the vineyards. Thanks to Deardo, who did some research earlier and found Brookwood Estate interesting. It has not only the usual free wine-tasting, but also a small restaurant serving food, which we thought would be perfect for lunch before heading back to the city.
Simple but classy and comfy.
I've been to many vineyards before but Brookwood looks a little different mainly because it has a HUGE piece of land with not only grapes all over, but also horses and a little lake/pond. To cut it short, it has quite a breath-taking scenery.
Gorgeous view of the vineyard.
We were welcomed by a lady who helped us ordered our lunch first, before passing us to another lady who then let us try more than 10 types of wines they have. Their wines ranges from AUD20-AUD25, which is quite cheap, even if you convert them all back to Ringgit Malaysia! We bought three bottles of wine there and my favourite would be the Bubbles, which is more like a champagne. Sweet and nice! :)
Acting like we know a lot about wine!
After that, we went back to the restaurant in front for our lunch. Now here comes another plus point. We were sitting right behind the vineyard, which means we had the entire vineyard right in front of our eyes as we enjoyed our lunch. How awesome is that? It was really sunny yet not too hot since it was near beginning of winter already, so we enjoyed the weather so much sitting outside the restaurant.
That was when we thought: Ahhhh... This is what you call life man!!!
We had Seafood Platter for two at AUD63. We thought it was going to come in one big plate or something but they actually made it into two plates. The platter has fries, calamari, deep fried fish strips, fresh prawns, octopus with some pickled vege, smoked Pamberton trout pate, bread and some salad. I know it is supposed to be a 'seafood' platter, but my favourite thing in the dish is the salad! With some greens, thin pear slices, roasted sunflower seeds and Danish Feta Cheese, the salad is simply unforgettable! Love the dressing and those pear and sunflower seeds! I don't think I've ever liked a salad so much! Ha! And the pate, which is a Pamberton (another town near Margaret River) produced, was seriously yummy!!! How I wish I could buy that home!!!
Our delicious lunch. Yumzzz...
We are truly satisfied with the lunch, and the entire experience at Brookwood Estate. The owner, Trevor actually came and talked to us and told us if we are happy with the food please help to promote it and here am I, telling you if you are looking for a nice vineyard at Margaret River with nice wine, nice food and nice view... Brookwood Estate might be the right place to be! Deardo and I really did enjoy the entire experience there! :)
They have quite a cool website, do check them out here!

Brookwood Estate
Lot 10 Treeton Rd;
Cowaramup, Western Australia 6284
Tel: +61- 89-755-5604

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