Monday, June 4, 2012

Award-winning Pizzas @ Little Caesars, Perth

We've had some nice foods in Perth during our one-week trip there. Some were just what I've missed so much while the others were totally new to us. Because there were just too many of them, I chose to only share those worthy a mention here. Let's start with Little Caesars, a restaurant I've only been once during my two years study life in Perth.
Opened by an Italian named Theo Kalogeracos, Little Caesars is not an ordinary instant pizza shops you can find in Perth. The pizzas have been winning awards over the past few years. Some of them mentioned in their website are:
2010 World Champion Pizza Maker – Las Vegas Pizza Show
2006 Las Vegas Italian Chef Wars Winner
2004 Member of Dairy Farmers Team Oz that won the Americas Plate
2003 Australian Winner of Dairy Farmers Best of the Best
Their Hall of Fame and Menu.
Yeap, that's why they are already calling themselves 'World's Best Pizzas' and Theo actually already published a book sharing his pizza recipes. Compared to many years ago, Little Caesars now have three outlets in Perth and Deardo and I went to the one at Leederville, which is the one nearest to the city.
When we arrived at about 7ish at night the shop was already filled with people and we had to wait for a table (note: they DO NOT take reservations). It was a shame that it was only two of us cos we can't order more flavours to try! They just have too many choices! From western, to Japanese to red curry chicken, etc! They also have a full menu of dessert pizza! How cool, right?
People enjoying their pizzas on a Friday night at the happening Leederville.
Deardo and I picked a large pizza in which we can have two flavours in one pizza. We chose to have half BBQ and half Sub-Marine.
Oh man, this photo is making me salivate like crazy... :S
Honestly I do prefer the BBQ more than the Sub-Marine. The bacon, shaved ham and chicken were all perfectly cooked till some were a little crispy! And the generous amount of Mozzarella Cheese just made the pizza dangerously delicious! That doesn't mean the Sub-Marine was bad, it was just not as good as the BBQ. I appreciate the fact that they actually used some REAL seafood in stead of crab sticks. With whole loads of prawns, smoked oysters, squids and anchovies, I have no complain about the pizza. Only thing I'm not too used too was probably the pickled anchovies, still prefer our own ikan bilis! :p
Us enjoying the pizza and we were damn glad we actually went to Little Caesars!
It was definitely the best pizza I've ever tried in my life, so far! I think one of the reasons the pizza is so nice is because they are not stingy with their ingredients! And the crust was just nice, not too thick yet not too thin. And their service? Even with the fact that you might need to wait for a table, the food was served real fast, like less than 20 minutes? Plus, if you don't convert, the price is quite reasonable~! We got ours at AUD22!
Surely one of the few nice things to eat in Perth. So do check it out if you happen to visit Perth! They have outlets in Leederville, Mundaring and Hillarys. Check out their website for more info! :)

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