Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oscar movies! Yay~!

I'm so excited about the Oscar which will be happening in few days time! And I'm so glad that I've watched some of the nominated movies beforehand and now that I have some of my favourites, I'm getting extremely kan cheong about who are going to win awards this coming weekend (next Monday our time though)!
Anywayz, here are the three nominated movies I've watched...

Midnight in Paris
Directed and written by 'the' Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris looks and sounds a bit like Back to the Future, only this one, probably prettier settings. Duh... It's Paris!
Story wise, the fact that Owen Wilson's character, Gil learns about what he really wants in life and that his fiance isn't whom he really wants to spend the rest of his life with after going back to the olden days in Paris is pretty cool. I mean, at least it isn't all about the romance, but also learning something from it. Woody Allen is still good in that way. I admit at first I found the sudden ending of the movie too awkward but then after a while I think it actually makes sense.
Acting wise nothing fantastic though. The characters were simply too easy for the actors to carry. What a waste of such a fantastic cast! I mean, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams aside, you got Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody and Kathy Bates!
If you are watching it, make sure you listen to the music too! That's probably my favourite aspect of the movie! Having to say that, I think this movie is just average if you ask me to rate it. Not good enough to win 'Best Film' at the Oscar.

The Tree of Life
Now this is just what you call it an 'award-winning movie', in a bad way. Haha... No lar, what I meant is, it's really super artsy that you don't understand exactly what is it trying to say, although, from time to time, you will still be able to catch the messages (now it makes me sound artsy too).
Look, I actually understand the story of the movie. What I don't understand is why does it has to be presented in that way. In between the story there are scenes of sea water, sunlight, and even two weird dinosaur-looking animals hopping around... Which is, weird, isn't it? But I must admit, all these scenes were shot so beautifully! It's like looking at some moving arts! Well, that explains why the movie has been winning loads of awards... In the Cinematography category! Any photographers, cameramen and art directors should watch this! And yes, I do hope the movie will win for 'Best Cinematography' at the Oscar!
In my opinion, Jessica Chastain gave the best and most realistic performance in the movie. After watching her in Tree of Life and The Help (yes, the review will come next), it doesn't surprise me at all that she has been rated as one of best up-and-coming actresses! I love the acting of the boy (Hunter McCracken) who plays the younger Jack too. Sean Penn didn't say a word in the movie but well, to me, he is still so cool!!!!!
An artsy movie that is worth-watching to those artsy people...

The Help
Probably the best out of the three I've watched! I guess it's also because it isn't so artsy? LOL!
The beginning of the movie already put a smile on my face! When Aibileen told the little girl:"You is good, you is smart, you is important" and the girl smiled back to her... Wow, what an unforgettable scene! And it's only the beginning!
Well, The Help obviously is sooooo my type of movie! It's basically about racism and how those days when the white treated their black maids very badly. It pisses me off watching Jessica's Chastain's character! And I am glad that the story actually has someone who stood up for the blacks. What I also like about the movie is the fact that it is sometimes hilarious too! :D
And... What can I say about the cast? Honestly, such a lovely and strong cast! I'm loving Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, and surprisingly Emma Stone too! Although I cannot decide whether Viola Davis should win 'Best Actress' or should it be Meryl Streep? I love both of them! The entire cast truly made the movie such a lovely and touching movie to watch!
Well I haven't watch the other nominated movies yet, but so far, The Help is my pick for 'Best Film'! It is so much better than Crash, the racism movie that won 'Best Film' few years back! Fantastic cast with great storyline, presented beautifully! :)

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