Friday, December 23, 2011

Shirlexia goes Spanish - Chickpeas with Chorizo

As you may already know, I've started to loan books from the company's library and damn I love the selections of recipe books in there! So much of varieties!!! Getting ready to Spanish it up~! Uno Dos Tres!
So the other day I got this recipe book which talks about nothing but Spanish dishes and tried out one of the recipes in there which looked very tantalising in the book! And that was really my first try at Spanish food!
So what you need are...Canned chickpeas, Chorizo sausages (Spanish pork sausages, you should be able to find them at Cold Storage or Jaya Grocer, not cheap though >< ) cut into cubes or chunks, tomatoes, canned button mushrooms (this wasn't in the recipe, I added in just because there was a can of them sitting in the kitchen), chopped English parsley, chopped garlic and red onions. Salt and black peppers to taste(I didn't follow the exact amount of ingredients stated in the book too, just go according to my liking. :p

How to make this interesting dish...
1) Obviously in the book they use this Spanish pan or something to cook the dish, but I only have a non-stick wok so wok it is!!! Heat it up and then heat up some olive oil too.
2) Stir-fry the garlic and onions until they are a little brownish.3) Then add in the Chorizo sausages and fry them a little.4) Until the sausages are almost done, add in the parsley and tomatoes. Smash the tomatoes a bit to let the gravy flows into the dish.5) Next, add in the chickpeas and stir.6) Throw in the mushrooms and add in sufficient amount of salt and ground black peppers to taste.And that's it!

The wholesome dish tastes really delicious because of the Chorizo sausages which have Paparika in it and that spices up the dish a lot! We had the dish as the only dish for dinner and it filled us right and I was very happy with my very first try on Spanish food! :) According to the recipe book, chickpeas has fibre and iron while tomatoes has Vitamin C that helps in the absorption of the iron! That means this dish has a balance of everything=healthy but also tastes fantastic!!! Oooohhh yeah!!!Our super yummy Spanish dinner!!! Salivating yet???

Little note: Do not defrost the sausages too much. In my case they became very soft and it was really hard to cut as all the meat just came out of the tube. But I'm not all sure too cos the Chorizo I got from the supermarket don't look exactly the same as the ones in the book. So good thing to figure out when I try my luck on getting them from other supermarkets next time. *wink~~*

Didn't I just shared a recipe that you can possibly try out for the coming Christmas dinner?


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