Saturday, May 18, 2013

Of Bridal House & Pre-Wed Shoot

Generally, I've not heard of any good comments about Malaysian bridal houses, except for XT's bridal house, which is a Taiwanese company so that doesn't count. Most of the time it's all about the nightmares dealing with them, especially those who would force you to pay extra to choose more photos when you can't decide which to take out from the bunch of selections.
I wouldn't say the bridal house I choose is damn bad because one of the reasons we chose them was because of the very good service we got from the salesgirl who handled us compared to other bridal houses we've visited. Read here.
Things changed when we met her the second time. Unlike you lucky ones who either can afford to pay for a damn good freelance photographer and rent gowns separately or those who get to use bridal houses overseas, in Malaysian bridal houses this is how it works... They give you a time limit for your shoot, say 5 hours or so. Mine was 8 hours including time for the make-up and hair-styling. So according to the amount of time you have, you choose locations for the photo shoot. We originally had 3 ideal places to go, but then the salesgirl gave us possibly the BIGGEST NO I've ever heard in my entire life. Oh like this you have to cut down on your gowns and styles you get because it is time consuming to travel, blah blah blah... Her bitchy face kinda shows a bit and Deardo was especially very annoyed that he commented that things really changed as soon as we made the payment. 
No prize for guessing did I chose this gown! :p
I tried to calm him down and said hey I don't want them to spoil our photos just yet! So without much choices (plus feeling threatened that they might ruin my photos), we went with just Putrajaya alone, which is a place with everything you need in your pre-wedding photos, be it the greenery or the building, so that I get all gowns and styles included in the package. *calculative mode onz~*
Come to think of it, I feel stupid about myself. It's like we are the customers paying for your service and I'm supposed to be scared of you? WTF?! You know what it sounds like? It sounds like taking a taxi ride in KL. You as a customer, have to open the door and freaking ask beg the driver to drive you to where you wanna go. And then if they refuse to do so you can't just kick the door cos they may get angry and come after you! You get what I mean, right? 
Deardo putting make-up on his face for the first time... Or did he have other experience in kindergarten? 
I call the hair the 'Adele's hair' and no wig included! All my own short hair! Amazing isn't it?
We just did our photo shoot few days ago. The bridezilla in me came out because I was so pissed off that I prayed for maybe two weeks for good weather and it actually rained on me!!! I was so worry I won't get to shoot all the gowns I have! So I sort of didn't enjoy the shoot as much as Deardo Wong, who was ironically not a fan of such photo shoot. Anyway, as the rain took almost one hour of our shoot to stop (oh thank god for that), our photographers and make-up artist didn't ditch us right on time! They actually went on to do their job for another hour, making sure I get to wear all my gowns (including my tailor-made one) in the photos! Damn you salesgirl! The photographers and make-up artists aren't as calculative as you! And guess what, I think I'm taking the make-up artist for my actual day because I love her work a lot! 
Sneak Peek: I love how the gown made me look slimmer and the hair-do was so pretty! 
So overall, we had kinda good experience during our one-day photo shoot. I think Deardo especially, didn't expect it to be so fun. And in his opinion, God made it rain because He knows he hates hot weather, which is quite true because after the rain, we sort of just stop sweating while doing the photo shoot! :) I love my make-up and hairstyles which were all done without any wig or hair extension! I think I still look very me, except for maybe some of the poses which made me super girlish. LOL! Most importantly, my tailor-made gown looks gorgeous in the photos and people around me have been complimenting it! :) Don't worry guys, will share with you about the gown soon, I promise! :)
Sneak peek of my tailor-made gown which I'm totally in love with! :)
While it will take another three months to have all photos ready, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek in this blog post!

Here's a true story I would like to share, which is quite cute... *wink~*
Before we went to choose the gowns for the photo shoot, Deardo and I had this conversation...
Me: You know how in Hong Kong or even Korean dramas, they always have this magical moments at the bridal house as they open the 'curtain' and the bride appears with the gown and the guy will have a jaw-dropping look on his face and goes 'nei hou leng ah' or 'ye po yo' (you are so pretty in Cantonese and Korean) even though you may actually think it's just so-so. I think you won't be like that, right?

Deardo: *with a 'that's bullshit' smile* yeah... I don't think so... That's sooo cheesy! Hahahahaha...

Me: *sharp stare~*

Then at the bridal house after trying out and choosing the gowns I want in less than 30 minutes (I know what I want full stop), I sat next to Deardo as the girl went to return the gowns to their original places.
Deardo: You know the first gown you tried just now, I really had the magical Hong Kong drama moment! You look really nice in it (plus some other obscene stuff he said which I shall not mention here)!

Me: Really? *sweet smile~*

So here's the gown that I DID choose for our photo shoot...:)
Got shinny stars around me or not jek? :p


Hayley said...

Finally! Good news is near! Hehe ;)

You look pretty la! (废话, every brides are pretty one :P)

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha it is yes a few more months to go!

Thanks for the compliment! I guess pre-wed photos are normally nice lar cos in the end can edit anyways! :)

LayJinG said...

Can't wait to see your album! Gorgeous gal!

ShiRLeXia said...

I can't wait to see the photos myself too Lay Jing! Hopefully they look alright lar! :)

Yan said...

So cute, you and your deardo. Perfect match for each other. You stay beautiful and happy.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Yan!
Yea I guess we do once in a while argue but sometimes things can be quite sweet also! :)