Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lunch @ Yong Tau Foo Khong Kee, Taman Paramount

Sometimes when we ran of idea for food, we try new things! So Khong Kee came into mind because Deardo's ex-office was there and it was one of the usual lunch places for him and his colleagues. I was quite excited because I personally love economic fried bihun with Yong Tau Foo. :)
The shop is quite busy on a weekend but with ample of space and tables to accommodate its customers. We ordered our food at the back where there are a wide variety of fresh handmade Yong Tau Foo to choose from. You can have them to go with clear soup, curry or sweet sauce. Then you can choose to have it with Chee Cheong Fun or other noodles.
My portion of Yong Tau Foo in clear soup.
Deardo's portion.
Something different here, boiled egg Yong Tau Foo and it's fried! Yumzzz...
The Yong Tau Foo at RM1.30 per piece is actually quite reasonable in KL. Most importantly, they taste really fresh, unlike some that are obviously bought from some frozen food suppliers. Some of their fried Yong Tau Foo doesn't taste or feel too oily and that's something I really like about their Yong Tau Fu.
My economic fried bihun, RM3.20.
Signature Porridge, RM5 (small) and RM 6 (big).
Both of us had an economic fried bihun and mine was with curry gravy. Urm... I think that wasn't the best economic fried bihun I've had, the one at Petaling Street is still my all-time favourite. And is RM3.20 for a small plate and RM3.50 for a big plate still considered 'economic'? Really??? I also gave their 招牌粥(Signature Porridge) a try and that one is indeed worth trying! The porridge was very well cooked with a smooth texture, with loads of good stuffs in it, minced pork, dried oysters, eggs, century eggs, etc... Just like the porridge Ah Ma used to make for us! The generous portion of ingredients they put in really make it tastes like a homecooked porridge and that, is what I call satisfaction! :)
I was all smile and ready to nom...
And he... Urm just not in a mood for picture... :p
The lunch cost us slightly more than RM30 and I was really happy with the food! Surely, I will come back for the Yong Tau Foo and yummy porridge! 

Yong Tau Foo Khong Kee
22, Jalan 20/16A,
Taman Paramount,
46300 Petaling Jaya,

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