Friday, November 30, 2007

Across the Universe is AWESOME!

Well, I know Yve Vonn will be shouting at me... But I had also missed all the films for 2 weeks because of the time I spent in the hospital, and then in Taiping. I'm so glad that I'm finally back to the cinema! Hurray! Watched 3 movies the last two days and Across the Universe is the best of the 3!!!

I went for the movie after reading about it in a magazine few days back. It said many internet-er had actually voted that this movie will be the big winner at the Oscar next year! I didn't read the synopsis though, but I was curious since it looks like just a teenagers movie! Anywayz, the title of the movie was also pulling me into the cinema since that is possibly my favourite Beatles' song!
But I am very surprise at what I see. True, it's like more or less a teenagers movie, on love, on sister-brother love, on war, etc. Which is like, duh... Very normal and perhaps boring. And the thing is, you don't even know the actors(okay, you get to see Bono of U2 and Salma Hayek)! But trust me, they are really not bad. The storyline, set in the 60s, might be a bit too common, but there are a few twists here and there that you wouldn't get in other ordinary teenagers films.
Of course, without me knowing, it's a musical! Which is more than fine for me! Especially when there are plenty of Beatles songs in it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Across the Universe, Blackbird, Hey Jude, strawberry Field Forever , Lucy in the Diamond Sky etc. Even for someone who know really little about The Beatles like me, got really excited listening to those songs. And this is definitely not Chicago or Moulin Rouge! It's different! The editing, the dances, the costumes, and the really special effects!
I mean, some part of it might be a bit too 'extraordinary', but damn I enjoy about 90% of the entire movie!!!
A bit too late for me to talk about this movie isn't it? But well, I'm sorry but I was trapped in the hospital, remember?
Well, this one is erm... Quite interesting, very educating... But I think it is not funny enough for an animation-cartoon film. Nevertheless, I love Renee Zellweger's voice! Her voice is just as cute as Bridget Jones!



fox said...

是啊,across the universe 很好看。是我2007年最享受最回味的电影。

Anonymous said...

yes ,Across the universe is such a wonderful film!i watched it twice.Can you introduce more about the songs in it