Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David vs David & David A. is My Pick!

David "Baby Face" Archuleta VS David "Rocker" Cook.
So it's an American Idol finale with the top 2 who were erm... Much expected to be in the finale, it's a David vs David! And honestly, I love both of them. Although yea, I might put Jason Castro before David Cook, but I have to admit Jason wasn't as good, and he just looks like he doesn't care anymore...
I was hoping 8TV will play a live broadcast of the finale but was left disappointed. Maybe I just have to blame myself for not having Astro. But I caught all the actions on Youtube this morning and man I just have re-inject my love for the lovely David Archuleta!!! I know David Cook isn't an easy opponent, he's also very good. I was actually half getting bored of David A., who always sings like a teenage boy singer. Okay, well he is a teenage boy! But the finale... Wow... I couldn't agree less with the judges, David Archuleta wins the night!!!
First Round: He first sang Elton John's Don't Let the Sun Goes Down on Me.

I never liked Elton John, but I was like blushing listening to David singing this song! I felt so touched, for some unknown reason!!! It was such a brilliant performance!
Second Round: In this Moment, a song David picked from their song-writing competition.

Too cheesy for me... Can't take it!
Third Round: David sang Imagine again! I love him singing that song!

If I'm not mistaken, this time he sang it with a different arrangement and style compared to the first time he sang it. And needless to say, it was better than the first time!!!
I love you David Archuleta!!!
If I'm now in the States, I would be voting hundreds votes for you!
Let's pray that 'David Archuleta' will be read out as the name of the winner tonight!!!
Finger cross!

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