Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Shopping Cart from Perth

As I've promised earlier, this is a post to show-off the C&C(cute & cheap) stuffs I bought from my Perth trip earlier this month... I think only girls will be interested with this post, but don't be jealous! Wakakaka...
I can't remember all the prices anymore, but the most expensive piece I bought was AUD21 (RM63), which was a Nike top. And the rest are all cheaper than that. So I really think they are so cheap that I have to say I really enjoyed shopping in Perth! Yeah!!!The big pile of clothes where most part of my AUDssss went...
First to come, a blue top with white polka dots from Target, the first piece I bought from the trip. It costs me only AUD 12++! I love the big hole at the back! Next to it is checker box shirt, from Kmart which is sooo cute!I used to love Supree a lot! I know Lina loves it too! But their clothes aren't that cheap, and most of the time I only go for their funky t-shirts. I was so tempted to buy more of their t-shirts!!! But I controlled, and in the end, I got one, with "I recycle Boys" on it. AUD 15. I love it!!! Next to it is a long top from Jeans West. It has all the most trendy print on it: stars, heart shapes and polka dots. And guess what? It's only AUD 7.50!
Next up, a casual dress from Kmart. It's AUD20. I just love the design! Simple, yet trendy.Another dress I got from Valleygirl. I'm sure most people in Oz know Valleygirl. It was the shop we all love to check-into in the city. And this dress, at AUD19.95 is SO WORTH IT cos everyone who had seen it said it's cute!On the left is a really nice top that I will be wearing for my final assignment shooting this Saturday. And on the left is a dress, which is also really cute. Both AUD 10, Cotton On.The cropped cardigan is of bling bling material in gold colour. I thought it would be good if I start working one day in the PR or event field. It's AUD 9.90. Then this SUPER TRENDY AND SUPER CUTE high cut skirt is one of my favourites of all! It's AUD19.95. Both from Valleygirl.
The quarter pants I bought from Jeans West, which I've regretted since. Not because it's not nice, but because I bought the wrong size! After a while it just became looser and looser... Anywayz, it's another cheap piece at AUD 10.Then the whole lots of Nike I bought from the Nike Factory Outlet Shop at Harbour Town, when they have sales! I love the green and purple top (purple one's for Ducum) very very much. Mine is AUD21 while Ducum's AUD18(they were having a bigger sales the next day I went). And the pink colour sleeveless top is only AUD 12, and the pants AUD 18.
Of course, there are also three more clothes which I've worn to gathering over there and you've also seen in my earlier post.
Top & bottom: Same top actually, just different colour. AUD 14 something from Kmart. Middle: really nice casual dress from Jeans West. AUD 7.50. Also, my new and real cute strippy scarf from Target, AUD 12 something.
Not to forget, the whole lots of cute undies and bra!!! I love the undies there! Always cuter than the lousy ones we have here in Malaysia! And I love my new yellow bra!!!
And, and... Presenting... My lovely pairs of Keds! It's just so cute! I love the details... Look at the pattern, they are actually pandas when you look nearer! And the Cheongsam buttons at the back are so cute! And it's GREEN! Best part is, for this pair of cute and branded shoes, it's only AUD 20!!!Because winter is near, everywhere is selling winter clothes already. Stars, polka dots, heart shapes and stripes are so so so in the trend. Some of their jackets and jumpers are so cute! Especially some of the stripes ones! I was so tempted to buy them! But I know it's useless since we don't need them in the freaking HOT country like Malaysia, I have to give them all a miss! But I tried on one at Target...Missy Elliot in the making... Damn nice gold colour leather jacket, only at AUD20!
So, what do you think? You like them???

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