Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another movie reviewzzzz...

I'm gonna be very busy the following weeks. Have to prepare for my very own final assignments, do my translation work, and help up with my school on some stuffs. So I guess it's time to write my movie reviews now, otherwise I'll have more and more of them all pile-up.
一个好爸爸(Run Papa Run)
Shadow in the Palace(Korean)
I'm not quite a fan of horror movie, but people told me this one is a thriller, so I got interested. But I was honestly pretty disappointed. I don't really understand what were they trying to do, it looks like a thriller at the beginning, but then it went on... You'll see some hands coming out from the bottom and grab people, long hair woman killing people.... Wait, I thought it was supposed to be a thriller, not like a ghost horror movie? And the characters are too complicated, most of them wear the same 'uniform', so it is kinda confusing to me on who's who. I don't understand at all how come they can make such a long movie our of it. I don't even understand the whole thing in the end. No, I'm serious, you can go watch for yourself, maybe you can tell me what did I missed.
The Kite Runner
It's kinda weird. I'm so lack of knowledge on the Middle Eastern stuffs and all the happenings in the Islamic countries, but I'm always so interested with them. You should know by seeing all the movies I watched and books I read. And I often have to go ask my dad about the background after watching or reading them and got screwed-up for not knowing them.
The Kite Runner isn't so much about the war or anything like that. War is just part of the people's life in Afghanistan, and of course is part of the movie. But the story is about the friendship and the love of two best friends... It's very very touching, and very beautifully shot and delivered. I love it!
What Happens in Vegas
Haha... Not really the kinda movie I watch, right? I think I just wanted to watch a movie after a one-week break in Perth.
The story is well... Very the cheesy and expected. It's just more or less a very normal Hollywood romantic comedy. I had a good laugh, and I think you will too. But what happened to Cameron Diaz? Why does the make-up looks so awful on her? Or is she really growing old??? By the way, I think Ashton Kutcher is hot in the movie, check him out!
Drillbit Taylor
Another comedy I went for in three days time.
Nah, not funny enough... Not a good one... Failed....

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