Thursday, September 11, 2008


Phew~I've watched movies FINALLY~! It was such a great feeling, especially watching two movies in a row on one night! YEAH~~~!
So... Here we go~
I'm a bit out-dated on this. But well, that's also good cos I only went for it after getting good reviews from everybody. Hmmm... I must say, it wasn't as good as what I've expected, yet I do like their creativity in bringing out the message to love the earth and all. The idea is better than the very bloody The Happening. Yes, Wall-E, and even Eve, they are really cute. But somehow it didn't really look as good as what I've heard earlier.
Bring on Madagascar 2!!!

Money No Enough 2 钱不够用 2
I'm sorry, I have to type this in Chinese. Anywayz, if you are a true banana, without much knowledge in Hokkien, you shouldn't watch this cos you will not get the jokes. I'm serious.
其实in conclusion,我觉得老师嫁老大好像比较好看耶。不过还是很好笑这是没错啦!我比较不喜欢的是里头都是福建歌,新加坡人真的那么喜欢福建歌吗?中间在医院抢着血的那一幕也太夸张了啦,哪会有这样的啊?而这一次,我相信看过的朋友都会和我有同一个感想,就是......好好的对待家里的老人家吧!
September has too many good movies! So many more for me to catch, and so many more coming soon!!!