Friday, September 19, 2008

Pre-birthday Bashes... And stupid annoying lizard!!!

Count-downing to my 2Xth birthday...
Erm... I didn't mean to purposely remind you guys about it. It's just that, I've already had two birthday meals, from my two friends before the real day comes, and I have to post them out over here before I got too many stuffs to share with since I'm going to be busy again this weekend...
Wednesday was public holiday, so Ah Fa and me decided it would be a Karaoke day for us! Phew~ You know how much I missed Karaoke??? Oh okay... I basically miss Karaoke session about 300 days a year! :p Anywayz, it was just a short three-hour K session, which was obviously not enough for the two former choir members. If not because of Ah Fa afraid of going home late, we would have went on for another 4 hours!!! Never mind Ah Fa, we will go again soon, right? Right? Okay... Basically you have no choice. Next time, bring your clothes over and stay overnight at my place!Erm... I just wanted to show you guys the top I love a lot, from MNG.
So what we did was, we went to have dinner at Sakae Sushi, on Ah Fa, for my birthday(thank you, thank you!). It was awesome... Especially when they actually only calculated two Chawanmushi, which we actually had four! Oh well, I'm sure the cute manager wouldn't mind one... Hor? Am I right, cute manager??? Kekekeke...Chawanmushi, which both Ah Fa and me love! Yum yum~~A must for me whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, Edamame! Very nice potato salad... Although Ah Fa actually wanted a potato salad Inari...
I can't remember the name of this dish... But it was VERY GOOD! It some Salmon Sashimi with shoyu and pepper! Ermmm... I personally alway order this whenever I see it, although the name is quite long and hard to remember...
Oooohhh Yeah! I love Hana Maki!!!
And then on Thursday night, I met up with Mizi, my ex-colleague at RTM. He hasn't even seen me in short hair, that means we haven't meet each other at all for at least nine freaking months!
Anywayz, his main purpose was to buka puasa with me, and to give me souvenir he brought from Beijing...
(Aaarrrrhhhhh~~~~~~ There is a lizard in my room!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrhhhhhh~~~~~~)


(Okay, Eric(my new housemate) chased it away... Bloody, no, no, cold bloody lizard!!!)
Okay, so yea, Mizi was in Beijing for the Beijing Olympic!!! Jealous, jealous, so jealous!!! But ok lar, at least he still remembered to buy me stuffs although we haven't met for such a long time... Thank you so much, mate! And and... The most important thing was... The buka puasa dinner!
Mizi brought me all the way to Dato Keramat, at this restaurant called Fiske Steakhouse. It's a Malay based Western food Restaurant.
(OMG... The lizard is back!!! Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh~~~~~~)

(Okay, Eric chased it away again...)

The food at Fiske Steakhouse was really nice! They are yummy, presentable and most importantly, cheap! A special lamb chop is only RM 13! A bowl of definitely homemade soup is only RM3.50!!! Great place to go man! Weird name, but definitely good food!!!
Ice blended Chocolate Oreo, which was only RM 4.50... Or was it RM 3.50?
Homemade chicken and mushroom soup! I can assure you they are not canned-soup.
My Special John Dorry was pretty good, especially the sauce!
Mizi's Special Lamb Chop was awesome too~It's their specialty there!
I LOVE FISKE STEAKHOUSE!!! Definitely going back for the second time. Yes Mizi said next month if possible we can go again! Yay!!! :)Mizi is about the few persons who has fatter face than me! Yee~~Haaahh~~
That's Mizi, editor of RTM who was editing the Beijing Olympic Games' video last month!
(Gosh... That tiny little lizard really freaked me out!!!)


(Aaaaaarrrhhhh~~~~~~ I don't think I can sleep tonight...)

By the way... I have a BIG PROJECT this Saturday. It's going to be another kind of experience for me. I'm definitely looking forward to it, but at the same time, pretty nervous about it! I hope everything will be fine lar! Pray for me~~~!!!

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