Friday, September 26, 2008

Shirlexia's Birthday Diary...

OMG, isn't it embarrasing? I only have 5 birthday wishes on my previous post, two of them actually from the same person! WTF? Hey friends, where are you guys???
Hahahaha... Ok lar, I got all your wishes lar, whether here in my blog, or through SMS, or
through MSN, even in 马窝... And of course, through phone calls... I still can't believe Soon Tuck was the only one besides my parent to call me to wish me Happy Birthday! You know me lar, I really don't remember friends' birthday, I have to depend on either people or Friendster reminder or any other sources to know when's my friends' birthday. And I feel really bad when people remember mine, especially those who are not too close to me... Sorry yea, guys! Hehehehe...:p
Okay, since my birthday falls on a weekday, it is not surprising that I don't get any 'invitation' from my friends. I was actually planning to even have a birthday dinner bash all by myself at a good restaurant. Luckily Ducum came to the rescue! Phew~! But hers means, there is no treat from her lar! I will have to pay myself. Oh well, She paid about RM40 for the meal of RM109. What do you expect? That's my dad's money!!!
Oh yea, Ducum also bought me a birthday present, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time she gave me a birthday present!!! Yes, record is broken!!! I think I'm going to strike lottery! Better go buy lottery later! She bought me the erm... What should I call it? The fake glasses lar, with stripes... I really like it! You can see through the pictures how much I love it!!!
Sushi Groove is too groovy that the pictures taken are also a bit 'groovy'...
Birthday girl trying to choose which dish to order, so do not disturb!
Guests of honour... Ducum Tan and her friend, Sok Ying! And Sok Ying actually loves avocado! Just like I do!!!
Anywayz, we decided to go try Sushi Groove(Oh yea, Japanese food again!). Not only it is fancy from the outside, its food are actually quite unique too! They are basically creative in making Japanese food. For instance, in stead of normal sushi, they baked their sushi. So that also means, the fish is not raw anymore! It's baked salmon(although I still prfer raw ones...)! I like the Mayonise Dream Ball, it's quite nice. But other than that, erm... Sushi Groove is good for a try only lor... Plus, the price is definitely too expensive! I'm sorry!!!
Oh yea... That's Shirlexia getting ready to EAT!!!!
Oh man... Look how groovy are the food and the mad woman in the picture???
Groovy potato salad, which was hey, not bad!:)
Calamari with Mayonise and garlic sauce, not too bad too! But Calamari wor, anywhere also have lar!
Baby Dragon Roll... The one that I always wanted to try. I think the most delicious part is the avaocado!!!
Sok Ying's Crispy Ebi Roll, I didn't get to try it, but it looks nice isn't it?
Dynamite Ball, well the so called 'dynamite sauce' was quite special, but I still prefer my salmon to be raw... :(
Mayonise Dream Ball, another baked sushi...
Tempura... which was erm... Not as good as what I've expected.
So I wrote a feedback form for them telling them about that. I ticked "NO" in the line that asked "Will you come back again?", and another "NO" in will you recommend Sushi Groove to your friend?"(I know, I'm so mean!). Unfortunately, the manager saw it when he came with the bill. Then there I was, explaining why and all, and also told him it was my birthday... Guess what? I got two RM10 vouchers with a "Happy Birthday" on it!!! Oh well, anyone of you want it? It expire on October 30th okay, so be fast!
And then the party continues... AT HOME!!!
Definitely loving the stripy glasses, and the Chiraz Rose!!!
Cheeze Choc!!! Yum~~~Yum~~~
I bought a piece of Cheeze Choc (which is the only thing I got so far from my wish list in my previous post) and drank a little of the Chiraz Rose wine I bought long long time ago. Hey Chiraz Rose is not bad, and it's Hardy, the Australian wine I love the most!!!
And here are the stuffs I bought for myself as birthday present...
Necklace from Forever 21, RM25.
Really cute t-shirt from... Forgot the name, RM39.90.
Overall... It might not be the best birthday I'd ever had, but it was okay. Although something kinda ruined it in the middle of the day, it was still quite okay, considering I kept myself optimistics on things, just because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Harloooo??? Nothing is going to ruin it lar!
Once again, my many thanks to eveyrbody who had wish me, and everybody who had gave me a treat or present! Thanks a trillion!!! Muakkkksss....


RenN said...

Hey the necklace u bought same as mine...
mine 1 is black..also bought at forever 21..akakaka

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh really?
I actually kinda remember someone has one, but I forgot it's you!

RayNic said...

hi belated birthday girl.
The photo you wearing the stipe T hugging the cone one, really funny lar! like the post so much, wahaha!! Sexy dolly... :P