Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Crab Attack!!!

I know, I know, the H1N1 or (A)H1N1 or whatever shit lar is getting serious and I'm really really worry about my trip to Hong Kong now! Ooooops, I forgot to tell you guys about it, didn't I? Hahaha... Ok then, we keep that a secret until later! :p
Well, for now, please put aside the H1N1 thingy, because I just had another virus here, THE CRAB ATTACK!!! :S



Okay, I'm sorry, that was just some lame lame gimmick, hehehe...
Now, the truth is, John invited me to a food tasting the other day, was kinda assignment lar, need to write about it in the coming issue of The Focus. But since there will be a different kind of writing there, and since I took some pictures with Shawn仔, I decided to write about it before I even start writing the 'official piece' for John.Can you see the one at the middle? The dirty crab is saying 'hi'!
So it was B Seafood (B女海鲜)at the Kepong Wei Sek Gai. You will be surprise, it's just a little stall which looks really old and probably not so nice to look at, with cats all over the place! BUT the crab is very famous and quite expensive compared to others, and its loyal fans include some of Malaysia's artists and DJs! Plus, Bosco Wong was here! Bosco Wong! The cute Hong Kong actor came here, this not-so-fancy looking place to have the crab! So now you know how attractive the seafood here can be, right?B女, the ladyboss at the stall! She is so cute she said she actually couldn't sleep a night before, thinking of what to cook for us!
Whole load of fresh, still moving seafood...
Anywayz, thanks to the very funny, straight forward and cute ladyboss, all four of us had a wonderful meal and we were all really full that night! Here's a look at the food...The dishes at a glance... Kakaka... Feeling hungry already???
Well, except for the salted & drunken crab, we finished the rest on the table, plus another additional Japanese snails... Yummy~I LOVE SNAILS!!!This Aussie crab will cost you RM200++. So... We didn't get to eat it. :(
The Kam Heong Crab was not-too-bad.
The very special Coffee Crab! Love it!
Ah... One of my favourite seafood, the La-La! Yum~!
Fresh Satay Kam Heong Shrimp!
Nothing can beat this I tell ya, the freshest and tastiest snails I've ever had in my life!!!
The crab comes with some Man Tao, which are equally good.
I prefer the fried one, which is cripy on the outside, and soooooo soft inside...
I must first admit, I'm not quite a crab lover. Reason being, lazy. But then since the speciallity here is crab, I had to try lar, for the sake of my dear readers mah! :p The crab are reasonably bigger than what you can find in other places, and they are surely fresh! Out of the two flavours of crab we tried, I actually prefer the Coffee Crab, just because it's special! I mean, at first I was like, crab and coffee??? But then, I love the taste man! The shrimps are bloody fresh I can tell you, they are like 10 times fresher than the ones I tried at Bubba Gump! Love the shrimps! The La-La are very big and not too bad. I also really enjoyed the Japanese snails! OMG, so damn fresh!!! It was nicely cooked, just ngam ngam, the texture was like wow~ Really different! And together with the gravy... Marvelous~!
Sorry lar for making you hungry, all the seafood are already in my... Probably down to the toilet bowl already! Kakakaka...
I would say B Seafood is a must try for especially crab lovers, if you don't mind paying the price lar! I had it for free! Yay~! :p But accroding to the ladyboss a plate of the crab we had would be about RM80 plus! So you know how to calculate lar, yea?
Okay, time to write the 'official piece' now, till then, see ya~! :)


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

OMG....the seafoods look so bloody fresh and yummy.
esp the shrimps and snails!!!!*drooling*
i cant imagine the taste of the coffee + crab....really good ar?

Lay JinG said...

Oh, coffee crab? how's it taste? and the price ok? I am so interested! Bring me go!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea, yea yea! The shrimps and snails are damn fresh ler! And I do think the Coffee Crab is not bad!

Lay Jing,
I think its not too bad lar. The price is quite expensive lor, like RM80 for one plate.
If I can get someone to drive us there, I can bring you there lar! :)

lin said...