Friday, June 12, 2009

I love Adrien Brody~!!!

Another long break from the cinema, and I'm finally back!

The Brothers Bloom
Just found out about this movie when I randomly browse through TGV's website and saw 'Adrien Brody' there in the list of actors! And so I went for it. Yup, the sexy Adrien Brody is one of my favourite actors, like my fourth or fifth favourite actor in Hollywood! Love him~! Well to tell you the truth I fell in love with Adrien Brody before watching any of his movies, just like how I started to like Matt Damon. Hehe... He kinda caught my attention at the Oscar 2002 when he became the youngest actor ever to win the Best Actor award...

Sorry, I can only put the Indonesian version since the others are copyrighted.
Oh yeah... I mean look at how sexy the kiss was? Until today I still wish I was Halle Berry!!! And the speech was like one of the most unforgettable Oscar speeches okay? Of course I watched The Pianist, which was a quite boring but beautiful movie and Adrien himself was freaking brilliant!!!
Hahaha... Alright, back to The Brothers Bloom! It's kinda Ocean's Eleven and The Italian Job story, the Brothers Bloom are two famous con-men who are damn smart. Well the elder bro Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) is the one who is real good in planning, in which he always tricked his own brother Bloom (Adrien Brody) into his plan without him knowing. So Bloom is actually a more kind-hearted and innocent one. The whole movie is very fun to watch, it's really funny, really tricky you might not know which ones are in the plan, which ones aren't. Honestly I still have some question marks in my head now, but it doesn't matter lar, as long as I understand the ending, which was quite touching. Pay attention to the music too, they are so damn cool!
Adrien and Mark suits their characters respectively. OMG, I cannot stand Adrien Brody in those old-fashioned suits! I still remember how I wished I could carry the poster at one of the boutiques in KLCC where he was the spokesperson back then! He always looks gorgeous in suits! I think Rachel Wiesz was fantastic and funny too! And Rinko Kikuchi(yes, the girl who stripped in Babel)! Her role was so 'ke le fe' but she just made it so important! I tell you, the movie wouldn't be so interesting without her! She's great!
I definitely think this is the kinda artsy yet funny movie worth a watch!

17 Again
Everyone has been telling me how funny and how I should watch 17 Again and I Love You Man lately! But it was too late to watch the latter while 17 Again is definitely still showing 'hotly' in cinemas! I couldn't even get ticket a day before!
Well, yes the movie is indeed VERY FUNNY! I think I probably laughed the whole while watching the movie!
I guess you already know the story, so I'll skipped that. I personally think the ending could be better. I thought it will come to the end where the kids know how nice their father is and comes to a touching happy family ending. But then it didn't happen, which was very surprising. But then I thought, maybe my kinda ending is too out-dated. Or maybe the movie is just taylor-made for Zac Efron, so nobody cares about the ending when the character went back to Matthew Perry! Poor Matthew Perry... But I love you more than Zac, okay?
Yea, I'm not a fan of Zac Efron. I mean, I hate High School Musical (I just typed it as 'Musical High School')! The moment I saw the preview in cinema, my hair stood up! So damn cheesy I couldn't stand it! And gosh, I've seen the preview like thousands times! And Zac is like a plastic boy to me... But I had to say I think he did quite well in this one, quite natural playing a father of two kids lar! And yes he is cute, but nah... I'll leave the pretty boy to those young girls.
Anywayz, another nice comedy there! :)

Rachel Getting Married
Watched Rachel Getting Married few weeks back just because of Anne Hathaway. She was nominated for the Oscar, so I got curious.
Well to me, Rachel Getting Married is more like a documentary. It's a documentary about a girl who had just came out of rehab to attend her sister's wedding, a mixed-race wedding! Part of the movie was shot hand held I can see, so the whole thing really looks more like a home video. The story was pretty normal lar, yet quite touching. It's more like a family kinda movie. But some part of it was quite boring actually. It's like an unedited home video, so some part of the movie are just too draggy.
Anne was pretty good lar, but yea not enough to beat Kate Winslet yet. She's been pretty good since Brokeback Mountain, I can see she is trying to jump out of the 'princess' character. I'm sure she'll be better! :)

Okay, going for Zchen's mini concert tonight, anyone going too???


Lay JinG said...

No time for movies recently, down:( haha... but thanks for the movie reviews!
waiting the updates about zchen ya!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey hey, just came back from the concert!
Yup, hopefully by tomorrow ba, I will put it up!