Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday night out~!

Uncle Yip came last night, so we had a night out at Sunway Pyramid. I didn't see him for a long long time but he definitely did not look any different at all! Well I guess he is just all 'geared up' after the holiday in Laos! Kekeke, you know lar... Laos mah! :pOh yea, he got me gifts from Laos too! Yay~!
So, we gave Xian Ding Wei, the latest restaurant to be opened here a try. It's a Taiwanese restaurant! Ohyea, Taiwan! First of all, I must say, I like the design of the restaurant, simple yet quirky. Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room, newly opened in Sunway Pyramid.
I also love the design of the menu, or to be accurate, the entire presentation. Why? Simply because they have pictures for every single dish! I always love that kinda menu, you will at least get to look at the pictures before deciding what to order. In the end we ordered quite a lot of food for two person. Luckily the portion wasn't too big. Here's the list of food we had...The very famous Taiwanese sausage.
Lily Bulb Fried with Asparagus, a dish that is too easy to make.
Oyster & Pig's Large Intestines Mee Sua.
Dry Shrimp in Sweet Ferment Rice Wine set meal.
I had my original pearl milk tea while Uncle Yip had the Yam flavour.
Uncle Yippy~~~~~~
I actually think the Oyster Mee Sua, which has pig intestines in it isn't as good as the one we get at the Shilin snack stall. The vege was so-so, the Taiwanese sausage was not the best among what I've tried. The set of Dry Shrimp in Sweet Ferment Rice Wine wasn't really good, I think I'm just being picky because I didn't taste any wine in the dish. But I must say the soup is not too bad! Everything came up to RM70 plus. Well, I would say the food is a bit expensive for the kinda quality, but I reckon their drinks and dessert are at quite a cheap price.
We went for a night movie with the whole gang of crazy Transformer fans... ==||| I just can never understand why people have to watch it like so early? So bloody crowded and it caused us some inconvenience since we had to q-up for tickets and just to enter the cinema! Ggggggrrrrrhhhh... Well, of course, by now you know WE DID NOT watch Transformer...

State of Play
I cannot explain much about the whole story because it's just really quite complicated and has quite a number of twists. All I can say is, it's a smart movie that I really like! I might not understand some of the stuff in between, but then I understand the ending lar! :p
Well, its more like story of how politicians use the media, and how the reporters work and the kinda pressure and problem... Quite interesting lar, especially for an ex-reporter like me! Hehe...
I like Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams's acting very much. Just nice. But I just can't seems to accept Ben Affleck acting as a politician. To me, he is just still very 'plastic' and his acting isn't great enough to carry the role. Haha, yea you got it, I love Matt Damon to death but I really cannot take Ben Affleck!
Anywayz, good movie!
Gosh I think I will have to skip movie for the next few weeks just to avoid the Transformer crowd!!!:(


bboy ady said...

i love movie type that u watched
because can let me think

ShiRLeXia said...

Let you think?

chuan yee said...

hey, quickly update! I want to know wats ur feeling n thought towards MJ pass away...hehe

ShiRLeXia said...

Errrrr... Why do I have to write about my thought abt MJ's death???