Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taiping, Taiping, Taiping is SO HOT!!!

Like I said in my previous post, I came back to Taiping (and yes, I am still here! Yay~!) to attend Cincai Group's Back to Taiping event.
Well, there were definitely way too many pictures taken that weekends (imagine, 3-4 professional and semi-pro cameras around)that I had headache just by looking through them and figure out which one to put up. So I've decided to make it easier by skipping all the scenery pictures, and these are basically pictures of me or me and the gang lar!

Date: May 30 2009, Saturday
First Destination : Breakfast @ Lian Thong
Food was already shown in my earlier post, here's a family photo of us, excluding the photographer Miss Lim...From left: Li Jing @ Jia Hu, Ching Ling @ Sui Yu, Teik Seng @ Pek Chio, Shirlexia @ Hair, KK @ Qi Yu.
Second Destination: Tree-planting opposite LJ's house
It was XT's idea (or is it others?) to start this kinda meaningful thing to do lar, which is to plant a tree every time the Cincai Group goes for an event. So we bought the Umbrella Tree and planted it with our own wishes written and planted next to the tree... Aih... We all so old liao, I really don't know how come we have all this kinda semangat to do all this wey! Umbrella... Ella... Ella.. Eh... Eh... Eh...
The making of the video you see earlier...
This is our Umbrella Tree... Ella... Ella... Eh... Eh... Eh...~~~
One with the Umbrella Tree! See you... Maybe in a year time?
Next up: Maxwell Hill
Initial plan was to get up to the top with the jeep. But then too bad, tickets all sold out! Bloody hell it was only what? 10am ONLY! So apparently jeeps at Maxwell Hill stop working very early, so all future visitors should be aware of this lar yea.
So we just spent our time taking pictures at the bottom of the lazy Maxwell Hill...Another making-of the video I did to tell Ah Fa how much we missed her! Kakakaka...
I don't know why or how I started this pose...==|||
Preparing to jump a.k.a the 'bangsai' pose!
Wow~Li Jing really 'geng' man~!
Ah... This one, quite nice, but my hand covered KK's face liao! :p
"CINCAI" tak jadi... Hehehehehe...
Next stop: Austin Pool
Ah, tell me about it, I can still remember when was the last time I went to a waterfall-pool. It was way way way way back in Perth when I went down south with Jodi and Dana. Gosh, that was bloody 3 years ago! Arrrrhhh, damn scary thinking about how time past. :S
Anywayz, the waterfall is definitely the best place to go in such a HOT weather! We didn't get real wet (ei, don't think the other way ah...) since nobody bothers bringing extra shirt, so we were basically feeling the real cold water with our legs... Aaaarrrhhh... Still VERY SYOK! Such lousy pose lar, Shirlexia Tan!
OMG... Are we shooting some music video or what?
Supermodel posing... posing... See, got professional 'frame'!
I'll skip the lunch because it was already done in my earlier post.
After lunch: Taiping Railway Station
If you haven't know, or you've totally forgot everything you studied in Sejarah, then let me remind you, this is the very first railway station in the whole Malaysia! Taiping really has many many first one man! Taiping Boleh!!!
I always think the railway station is a really nice location for nice pictures. And the number of pictures taken there just proved what I think was right! And I think the best thing is, nobody even cares when we crossed the railway track or even spent time taking pictures on it! Ha, Taiping people really all very 'relek' lar!Pretending to send off friends at the railway station... Ha, I think only KK made the right expression.
Yes, I like this photo too, thanks to LJ! :)
Trying to make the 溏心风暴 poster again... But XT was busy checking out for cute guy! :p
Ah... Another try, but Ah Kao pulak was not posing cool...
Yes, this is the making of the video again! Still arguing about the colour of the shirt! XT, IT'S RED!!!
Cold joke: I can stand and cover up the 'PING' of 'TAIPING' because I'm ‘PING' myself! :p
The B.M Boys' 故乡MV back in 1995 was shot at the Bukit Mertajam railway station...
And so we did the Cincai Group's MV at the Taiping railway station! Yay~!
Ei, KK, why are you looking at the camera? Didn't we said not to look at it???
Very the nice one here at the railway station! :)
Final Destination: Choy, choy, choy! I mean, our last destination of the day, Taiping Lake Garden.
Well, I know you want to see the beautiful scenery of Taiping Lake Garden, but urm, sorry lar, maybe you can check out my Facebook for that...Ching Ling, the one who was fatter than me when we were in school, and now???? Aaaarrrhhh... I need to DIET! DIET! DIET!!!
I tell you lar, I have the best facial expressions and poses among them lar, you ask LJ lar!
So that's the end of our tiring yet fun Saturday tour-around-Taiping 'Kia Kia Kua Kua Ciak Ciak & Hip Hip'!

Date: May 31 2009, Sunday
Destination: S.R.J.K (c) Hua Lian 1 & 2
Event: Archery, yay~~~!!!
Honestly, I love archery, and I love archer! Remember few months back when I met national archer Cheng Chu Sian? Oh, I definitely think he is cute in person!The very handsome-looking Cheng Chu Sian!!!
Okay, wait, don't get me wrong oh, the first time I tried archery, Cheng Chu Sian hasn't even join the national team. In fact, he must be still very small lor! Aih, I'm old sister to him liao! :(
Anywayz, I first tried archery when I was Form 3 I think, when I went to Singapore for the first time. My cousin brother insisted we try, so I did. I was kinda addicted to it, althought all my arrows went only upper or lower than the round target... ==||| Yea, I know!!! I'm always a sports lover but never have any sports 'cells' in me! Aaaaarrrhhhh! Bloody hate it!
So this time since XT's father is coaching the school team at Hua Lian 1, we had a short lesson from him and had LOADS OF FUN playing archery (can I even say 'play archery'? Haha...)! Of course for the first urm, about 9 arrows, all went down to the grass, only later did I started to use my real stregth (Cheh wah...) and started to get on the target board. But never kena the middle target yet lar! Ei, give me some time, I'm sure I can improve one, okay? Listen to Mr. Lim, of course my ex-sport teacher who used to forced us to try every single sport!
Shirlexia aiming, LJ pretending to be cute!
Yes! My first arrow to not touch the grass! Hahaha...
This is like a super duper cool picture of us, with the school name at the back!
XT, me and KK, ex-students of Hua Lian 1 & 2! LJ was Hua Lian 3 ler, the 'bo you' one! Kakakaka...
You remember the thing we had in school? '一校加油、二校漏油、三校无油!’Hahaha...
XT enjoying her basketball while I was... Don't know???

So it was a fun-filled weekend in Taiping filled with events! Never did I stayed out of the house for so long when I came back to Taiping! All the sweat and sun-burn was just okay since ha, god only knows when was the last time I had sun-burn like that!
I guess it was great to have the Cincai Group organizing all these events, not only I got to go out to different places, from places that I got to go for the first time, to places like my hometown, the school I used to go, the places I used to hang-out when I was a kid... Looking forward to more event coming up in the future! Especially the concert in August! Plus, meeting up with old friends whom we've lost contacts for quite a while or even friends that I never even know when we were in school! Honestly, we still look like a bunch of Chinese school graduates, seriously! No matter how westernized you think I became, especially returning from Australia, when I'm with them I'm such a true 华校生!And I hate to say this, we still hate you, Convent choir girls! Boo~ Boo~ Boo~! Hehehe...:p
Bonus: Taken in Taiping town...I never know there is such word! That space is 'REZEB' for some convent girl, I mean bitch, I think! Kakakaka...

*Special thanks to LJ, XT and KK for the pictures! :)


Unknown said...

LJ's name appear few times, dunno where to start response.
It's really fun to have a wonderful memorable gathering. That's y I make lots of shots. That's true you have the RICHEST face expressions! It's good to have u as model to pose. U rock! Kamu Batu! 你石头!

ShiRLeXia said...

OMG!!! L1J1 is here again!!!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

Wheeeee....Wat a nice post!
Thanks for attending the event.
Your attendance is appreciated!
Hopefully more interesting coming in
Need time, preparation and you people to actively take part!
Cheers to cincai grp!
Cincai grOup banzai!

ShiRLeXia said...

We actually have a few plans coming up in KL... But that means without you!
Aiya, what to do? You're not here... :(

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

It's okie.You guys jz go ahead!
As long as you guys keep our group active. Do update me the event, see whether i can Join or not =))

H@naKo said...

waa...even ah fa's name appeared!!
Seems like next time din join you guys also can't liao ler~

Oh yea, regarding the photo of the shoes you guys captured with the ella ella plant, the one wearing "ka kiak" is dam cool! XD

ShiRLeXia said...

Sure lar, now we have a few coming up lar, any confirm ones will inform you! :)

Ah Fa,
It will be cool if you can join lar, I thought u always busy with work and bf mah...
Can you guess whose leg was that?

LayJinG said...

Reading this midnight... suffer! haha~ Post me the cheese baked rice!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Eh, Lay Jing, you left comment in the wrong post ler...
I was so sad nobody leave comment in that post!