Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goodbye Miss Soo, Hello Shawn~! :p

So Meng Han had decided to go on holiday-working in New Zealand (jealous-ing...Arrrrrhhhh... I also wanna go!) and is leaving middle of the month. So Karen and I gave her a treat at Bubba Gump last night, just a simple little farewell dinner.
BUT it was my very first visit to the fancy-looking restaurant. Haha... No thanks to Meng Han lar! I definitely love the way they design and decorate the restaurant. I didn't go around the whole restaurant, but there were already a few things that I really like!Taken from where we sat...
Very special stuff all over, including dress of one of the charactes in the movie Forrest Gump!
Sauces just for deco, not for you to eat.
Yes, stop Forrest stop, I need your service!
Okay, done with you, you can run now... Run Forrest run!!!
My favourite part of the entire restaurant... The washing basin and water pipes! So cool, right?
Those really special lines... Really love them! :)
Ah... My favourite line of all! 'Born free... now I'm expensive. Hehe...
Even the newspaper used as base for the food are specially printed ones!
As for the dinner, here are what we had...Cajun Shrimp as starter!
Shrimper's Heaven comes next...
Bourbon Street Baramundi with shrimp and mashed potato.
Dessert of the night... Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae.
I know, I know, they look sooooo yummy, right? Especially the dessert! Super delicious man, although yea... Bloody fattening lar! That Miss Soo lar, she was the one who wanted a dessert! You lar, Soo Meng Han! Now I grow fatter liao!
Okay, now, I might have a different opinion on the food there. I personally don't fancy those deep fried ones cos you can get them at any other places, even at any economic rice stall. Plus, when seafood are deep fried, it normally means they aren't fresh. But I would say I love the Cajun Shrimp A LOT! Shrimps were really fresh, the hot & spicy sauce was fantastic, and the garlic bread was superb (wow~when did I learn all these words?)! The Bourbon Street Baramundi was also really good! The shrimp and fish were really fresh and the mashed potato was really nice too! Meng Han actually said the mashed potato was better than the one she had at Chili's!
Of course we had a really noisy night at Bubba Gump. You know lar, with Meng Han, who got real excited about those gossips... Hahahaha... No lar, it was also because we haven't seen each other for a while lar...Will definitely miss you lar, dearest Meng Han!
Meng Han and her 'toiletries' she plans to bring along to New Zeland! :p
Karen, Shirlexia and Meng Han... Ah, I mean Josephine...
Meng Han was so excited she took picture with the menu! Hahaha...
But then, like I said, please don't come back to Malaysia! Marry a Kiwi and stay there so that I can stay and eat for free whenever I go to New Zealand! I'M BLOODY SERIOUS!!! Go for the Kiwis!!!
Whenever I miss you, I can watch Bang Bang Tang lar! You know why???同名不同姓的梦涵,我差不多天天都看见!嘻嘻!
By the way, the above pictures were taken with my brand new Canon G10, which I've since named it Shawn Zai(仔)! I'm sure you know why I chose that name! So say hello to Shawn仔, guys! Say hello to Shawn~! Aren't he handsome???
I still need some time to play with my Shawn仔, but I'm already very happy with the pictures taken at Bubba Gump, especially the food! They look a bit different here lar since I had to make them into smaller sizes.


BibuBibu said...

y u name it Shawn仔??
=P...so many ppl using G10 edi d??

Meng HAn said...



照片也拍的不错,但是为何你和你照相机的那张好像有点blur blur的??故意的吗?



hehehe...Thanks a lot ya X 1000

Dun so miss me ya..later u will so sad de...hehehehe

ShiRLeXia said...

Is that Phoebe?
Because I've heard many ppl recommending G10, so just went for it...
Shawn = Xiao Ma! Hahahaha...

Miss Soo,
你开心就好啦,而且没有你,我都还没去到Bubba Gump吃呢!

Meng Han said...


ShiRLeXia said...


BibuBibu said...

BibuBibu = Phoebe

ShiRLeXia said...

Ah... Thanks Phoebe...
I know you're always one of my 'silent readers', hehehe...