Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shirlexia's Baked Rice with Cheese & others...


Okay, enough about all the craze on boy band...
Oh, although... I would like to say Choc 7 are sooooooooo coooooollllll!!!
Alright, today's post is about food again! Like Uncle Yip said, I just finished 'stuffing my face' in Taiping and am now back in KL to crap about the food, AGAIN!
First of all, the homemade food lar! During my stay in Taiping, I did this Baked Rice with Cheese (芝士焗饭) for my family. I did this quite a lot when I was in Perth since there was an oven at home and always loads of left over chicken rice from the restaurant I used to work at. But I stopped making it in KL since well, I don't have any oven here. So at home in Taiping I can make this again with the mini oven we have!
Tips for the rice: preferably overnight rice. Overnight rice are always good for stuff like this or fried rice. I also prefer it to be oily rice, like those you have with chicken rice. What you can do is you fry the rice with butter, garlic and some chicken stock to taste before putting them into the rice cooker to cook. This is always my mum's way to make 'fake chicken rice'. Hehe...Our version of oily rice is easy to make!
Other ingredients: oil, garlic, chicken pieces marinated with soya sauce and pepper, fresh prawns, mushrooms of any kind, carrot, broccoli, Mozzarella cheese, corn flour, oyster sauce or chicken stock to taste. Well these are what I used lar, you can always dump in whatever you like! That is why making food yourself at home is fun! :)The ingredients... I know lar there were two types of mushroom, I'm a mushroom maniac mah!
You should buy Mozarella cheese, I bought this just to cut down the budget. :p
So you have your rice ready, now start frying all the ingredients with some corn flour to make the gravy thicker. Yes, make sure there are some gravy so that your rice won't be too dry. Just like how you fry your vegetables...
Then? Simply pour the stuff over the rice! And then pour the cheese evenly over them and...Already looking very nice like this... Slurp...
Spread the cheese over the rice and whole bunch of stuff...
Dump it into the oven! I didn't even check what was the tempreture that day, just wait till the cheese melt and it is ready to eat! Wait... Wait... Wait... It is almost ready!
Ta~da~Shirlexia's Baked Rice with Cheese!
This is just like those you get to eat at Kim Gary, only difference is, you get vegetables in it so it's a more balance and healthier meal. Plus, you can choose whatever ingredients to put in!
Vivian definitely love it! :)The chef with her GREAT WORK. Kekekeke...
Vivian enjoying the yummy meal I made!
You can try doing it yourself cos it's really simple. If you want me to cook for you then you get me all the stuff lar yea!
Coming up... Homemade food from my lovely and funny mum. You know whenever I'm home I'm always the one who decide what is on the dinner table! Hehehe... So here are some of the highlights...My mum's first attempt in making this steam eggs I asked for, it has chicken egg, duck egg and century egg! Yum~!
Potato leaves with sambal udang! OMG, MY FAVOURITE!!!
Oh, this is the very nice seaweed soup, good to clear toxic off your body!
My mum's signature steam fish, she hates to fry fish cos it makes the whole house oily...
Oh, another favourite dish of mine!!! Bitter ground with chicken and black beans! Yummy!!!
Bonus, bonus: Ah Ma made this pork and pork ears the other day. It was awesome but fattening... ==|||
I hope Bunny isn't reading this in the middle of the night again! Hehehe...
Oh wait, that's not all!
Mum brought me to this new stall at the hawker centre one night, recommending me its famous Claypot Tang Hoon (glass noodles)Crab. It might not look very nice, especially with the whole garlic and celery they put into it(we asked, apparently that is how it is supposed to be, according to the original recipe from Thailand), but I can assure you the taste is awesome! I especially love the fact that they have wine in it! So damn nice! But the crab aren't those big ones lar. They also sell seafood porridge, which I also tried. It wasn't as fantastic as the one at Matang lar, but ok, pass!The new stall at hawker centre which is not too bad.
Oh, and we ordered Taiping famous sugar cane juice! Just perfect for the BLOODY HOT WEATHER!!!
The fish and mince pork porridge.
Introducing, the super delicous Claypot Tang Hoon Crab!
The other stall in Taiping I would like to recommend is the chicken rice originally from Dai Chein(大千)which is now at M&M restaurant. I love the chicken rice since I was a kid, and I can tell you it's like the best chicken rice in Taiping and still the best I've ever eaten so far. The chicken is always fresh, the rice is like the BESTEST! And the soup too! I cannot tell you much by typing, you really have to go try for yourself!Remember this stall, it's the best chicken rice stall in town!
Highly recommended chicken rice, especially for those who are travelling to Taiping!
Okay, that's all for now, it's time to sleep. My parent and Vivian are in town! So gotta meet them up tomorrow! Actually I could have stayed with them at Ah Ma's place but then I didn't, because I wanted to watch 终极天团! :p
Alright, Good night! :)


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

dont sad la.
lemme be the 1st 2drop da comment =P
The cheese baked rice hor...
I don care la, u muz cook 4 me when v met next time....
And reading ur blog always make me feel hungry lo!!!!although i jz had my supper

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... Wah you went and spy on all my comments ar???
Next time? When is it ar?
I tell you, I just had another huge dinner and will post it up maybe the next few days!
重点!!!I took all the pics with my Shawn仔!